AAA Travel Advisors Are Here to Help

Are you disappointed because your travel plans have been interrupted due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak? We understand, and AAA Travel Advisors are standing by to help from their home offices across the Northeast. As a AAA member, your benefits include access to a team of travel professionals, so even if you booked travel elsewhere — if you need support, we can help.

We encourage you to call your travel advisor with any questions or concerns.
Reach us at (888) 320-3163 or Travel Advisors.
Here is a snapshot of how we can support you in these uncertain times.


Your Advisor can walk you through travel alternatives. Instead of canceling, you may have options like changing your itinerary, dates or destination. If your plans are upcoming this month, we can research future dates and obtain cruise or tour credits for use later. Future travel credits will vary by supplier, and there will be a time frame in which they must be used. Postponing your trip may help you avoid cancellation penalties, and you’ll have more time to make your plans. The best part of postponing — not canceling — is that some partners are providing perks and added value to use toward your new date.


Because of the COVID-19 situation, many cruise lines, tour companies and airlines are changing their cancellation policies. AAA Travel Advisors are in constant contact with our partners, keeping abreast of changes so we can communicate them to you. For example, one cruise line has changed its cancellation policy from 90 days prior to departure to 30 days; and another changed their policy to seven days prior to departure. The situation is evolving, so rushing to cancel a trip or a cruise that is scheduled for later in the year, or next year, may not be your best option. Talk with your advisor about the best time to cancel, if that is your choice.


If you purchased travel insurance with AAA or you are considering purchasing a policy from AAA for future travel, your advisor can assist you with basic questions. For detailed policy questions and COVID-19 coverage inquiries, your advisor may suggest talking directly to Allianz or your other insurance provider because they will have the most up-to-date information. If you have a policy through Allianz, you can find more information on their website


Cruise lines and many travel companies are planning specials and offers to entice people to travel again. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, your travel advisor can keep you informed, especially if you are canceling a trip now and will be using future tour or cruise credits.


Your travel advisor can make it all happen. Together, we’ll sort out the best resolution for your travel plans and situation. Once you get answers regarding your alternatives, travel changes and the best time to cancel or reschedule, your advisor will make the adjustments and confirm your new plans. It’s that easy.

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