Hitting the Road on Two Wheels

Every day, more than 100 people are killed or injured while riding bikes in the US. Cycling is a healthy way to get around for kids and adults, but safety should always be the priority. 

AAA Western Central NY offers lots of resources to keep everyone biking safely. Following the rules of the road is just as important for two- and three-wheeled vehicles as for cars and trucks, and we believe teaching kids safe biking at an early age – and modeling good behavior as adults – will set them up for safe rides throughout their lives.

Family of four biking
Bike safety hand signals

Bike Safety Hand Signals

Be safe and signal your intent when on your bike. 

Download and print any of our resources for safe biking. Share them with your family, your schools, your neighbors. We encourage groups and organizations to use these materials in any biking activities, camps or community events.
Watch our short videos on bike safety and be a good “Roll Model.”  
Roadside Assistance Truck