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The Member Connection Blog is here to provide advice, tips, off-the-beaten path ideas, savings, and to gab about travel and attractions that Western and Central New Yorkers love.


Making a Good B-E-T

Lindsay Kensy

Picture this scenario: You and your family are ready to hop into your car for a road trip. Bags are packed, snacks are stocked and the GPS is set for your destination.

A Luxury Train Vacation with Rocky Mountaineer

Guest Contributor

The Canadian Rockies are known to many as a must-do vacation thanks to the awe-inspiring vistas that showcase nature’s most beautiful aspects of sparkling lakes, snowy mountains, and local wildlife at every turn.

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Luaus (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Amy Tiernan

As one of Hawaii’s most recognized events, a Luau, is something travelers from all over the globe come to take part of.

Experience Europe by Car

Guest Contributor

Is a trip to Europe in your travel plans this year?

March Madness at the Pumps

Elizabeth Carey

Today’s national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $2.61, which is up six cents compared to one week ago. One year ago, the price was $2.28.

4 Authentic Experiences in Hawaii

Hayley Schultz

Many people these days are focusing on experiences over possessions. When you spend time saving, planning and anticipating something like a vacation to Hawaii, this becomes especially important.

Modern Family Travel

Lindsay Kensy

An estimated 88 million Americans plan to take family vacations this year, and millennials are embracing these getaways more than any other generation!

Help safeguard your finances, credit and more

Laura Wahler
Identity theft is when someone steals your personally identifiable information and uses it in a fraudulent manner. It can be perpetrated using low-tech methods such as dumpster diving or by much more tech-savvy means including phishing emails, skimming devices and malicious software known as malware.

Did you know AAA can insure that? 

Alec Harvey
It probably will surprise no one that AAA Western and Central New York offers auto insurance. 

Where To Go: Key West, Florida

Alec Harvey
Take a two-hour boat ride west of Key West (or get adventurous and take a seaplane) and end up in a little bit of heaven at this national park. Snorkeling and swimming abound in crystal clear water, but so does a history lesson, if you choose to tour Fort Jefferson.