AAA Pet Insurance

Care you can trust for the pets you love

Why Choose AAA Pet Insurance?

Affordable Pricing

Things happen. And when they do, you can rest easy knowing AAA Pet Insurance has you covered.

  • Competitive pricing with no breed or gender discrimination
  • Multiple coverage options available: Up to 90% coverage and deductible as low as $100
  • Discounts on Pet Insurance to offer AAA members even more savings
A young child playing with a golden retriever in his yard

More Love, Less Worry

With budget-conscious deductibles and copays, no breed or gender discrimination, and straight-forward coverage, you can enjoy life with your pet knowing AAA has you covered. You'll have a plan for your pet no matter what life brings.

  • Coverage for accidents, injuries, and illnesses from the trusted AAA name
  • Transparency surrounding excluded pre-existing conditions when you participate in Clarity™*
  • Simple claims process with fast reimbursement

*Clarity™ is an option from Companion Protect for pre-existing conditions. By participating in this optional program, you’ll receive a complete list of excluded pre-existing conditions before you file a claim.
A dog at the veternarian's office

Care with Confidence

Here’s a look at how we’ve helped real pet parents afford care:

  • Diabetes (annually) - Average Cost $900 - Enrolled Pet Parents Pay $190
  • Upper Respiratory Infection - Average Cost $3,722 - Enrolled Pet Parents Pay $472
  • Orthopedic Knee Surgery - Average Cost $4,271 - Enrolled Pet Parents Pay $527
  • Vomiting - Average Cost $850 - Enrolled Pet Parents Pay $185
  • Ribbon Ingestion - Average Cost $607 - Enrolled Pet Parents Pay $160

Based on typical costs in major metropolitan areas based on Companion Protect research and experience. Payment amount calculated using 10% copay and $100 deductible.

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Insurance provided by CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer, 3055 Oak Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94597. Discounts vary based upon eligibility and may not be cumulative. Coverage varies by state and depends upon policy provisions. Companion Protect Agency, LLC (“Companion Protect”) administers the pet insurance program on behalf of CSAA Insurance Group. Companion Protect is a licensed insurance agency; in California, it is known as “CP Pet Insurance Services, LLC” (CA license #0N14138). It is located at 10950 El Monte, Ste. 120, Overland Park, KS 66211. For a copy of the Companion Protect privacy policy, visit Companion Protect has no affiliation with Companion Life Insurance Company or its affiliated companies. Premium is paid monthly in advance of coverage. A service or payment fee may also apply if premium is paid by EFT or credit/debit card. (See your bill.) A deductible and copay may be applied to claims. There is a lifetime coverage benefit of $100,000. You can cancel coverage at any time; a prorated refund may apply. Coverage descriptions are for information purposes only and are subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. See your policy for details. © 2022 CSAA Insurance Group IE0357-04 (Jul 2022)
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