Motorcycle Coverage

Add the optional RV/Motorcycle Rider

AAA Premier® and AAA Plus® members have the option of adding the RV/Motorcycle rider for an additional $35 per year. It extends your road service benefits to RVs and motorcycles, and covers all AAA members in your household.


AAA Membership covers you on your bicycle

AAA bicycle service is available for covered members within our club territory. If your bicycle becomes inoperable, we’ll take you and your bicycle to the location of your choice according to the regular automotive towing distance included with your membership.
AAA Bicycle Service

AAA Roadside Assistance


Getting you up and running is always our first priority, but if that isn’t possible we’ll get your car home or to your mechanic. Depending on your membership level, you could be covered up to 200 miles. 
Towing Coverage Options


Mobile Battery Service

We’ll come right to your home or office and test your car’s battery. If it needs to be replaced, we can install a new one on the spot, and you’ll save $32 on the battery. Testing, delivery, and installation are all free.
More About Battery Service


Emergency Fuel Delivery

Running out of fuel isn’t as uncommon as you might think. If you weren’t able to fill up in time, AAA’s emergency fuel delivery service will provide you with enough to make it to the next available service station.
More About Emergency Fuel Delivery


Locksmith Services

If your keys are locked in the vehicle, we’ll send a technician to get you back into your car. If your keys are lost, broken, or we cannot gain entry into your vehicle, AAA provides up to $100 for locksmith service.
More About Locksmith Services


Flat Tire

If you get a flat tire, your vehicle’s spare tire will be installed, as long as it’s inflated and serviceable. In some cases, we can also repair your flat tire on the spot. Call us for details about your specific situation.

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Roadside Assistance Truck