AAA School Safety Patrol

Allowing students to walk safely to & from school

In 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol program began, allowing students to be active participants in maintaining a safe walk to and from school. Over 50,000 schools and over 500,000 students worldwide have actively participated as members of the AAA School Safety Patrol. AAA Western and Central New York encourages all schools to initiate their own AAA School Safety Patrol program.

Role of the School Safety Patrol

AAA School Safety Patrol members are school-sponsored student volunteers from upper elementary grades, middle and junior high schools.

School Safety Patrol members:

  • Complete training in traffic safety.
  • Protect students from hazards of crossing roads and highways on their way to and from school.
  • Assist bus drivers in safely transporting students to and from school.
  • Teach fellow students about traffic safety.
  • Serve in other leadership roles under the direction of school officials.
A safety patrol student helping child to bus.

Forming Your Patrol

A AAA School Safety Patrol program requires people and organizations to work together. AAA encourages your school to work with:

  • Parent-teacher groups
  • Police
  • Police auxiliaries
  • Bus drivers
  • Traffic engineering departments
  • Community safety councils
  • Service clubs
  • Other community organizations
Two smiling safety patrol students holding flags.
Roadside Assistance Truck