Life Insurance

Why choose life insurance with AAA?

Protect the ones you love when they’ll need it most

Life insurance allows you to provide for your loved ones after your passing, with funding for expenses such as funeral costs, mortgage payments and medical bills.

We offer term life insurance if you want protection to cover a specific period of time. We also have permanent products such as whole life insurance and universal life insurance products designed to build cash value.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones are protected. Request a quote today from one of our life insurance specialists.

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How much coverage do you need? Some things to consider:

  • Expenses

    Make sure to plan for any estate and inheritance taxes, unpaid debts (including hospital bills) and funeral expenses.
  • Educational Funds

    You can help cover the cost of your children’s education—from elementary school through college.
  • Emergency Fund

    In case of a sudden lifestyle change for your family, you can help cover unexpected expenses.
  • Mortgage and Rent

    Insurance can help to pay planned monthly expenses like mortgage, or assist with rent payments.
  • Income Replacement

    Depending on your policy, this can replace up to 10 ten times your current annual income.
  • Payment of Debts

    Help your family with the payment of unsettled debts you may have including auto loans, credit cards, and more.
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