Electric Vehicle (EV) Driving Lessons

One-on-one EV lessons are designed for new EV owners or anyone in the EV market

AAA Electric Vehicle

At home pickup and drop off are included if you reside in our service area

Experience driving an electric vehicle with one of our expert instructors. AAA driving instructors are New York State DMV-certified and receive 33% more training than is mandated to assure the quality and effectiveness of instruction.

EV lesson will be a 45-minute lessons where the driver will get to experience driving an EV under many driving situations – expressways, lane changes, backing, intersections, etc. The driver will learn how an EV handles, sounds & reacts while driving in everyday traffic situations.

  • Focus on those who have recently purchased or will be purchasing an EV
  • Experience the differences between an EV and gas vehicles (sound, acceleration, handling)
  • Lesson focuses on a variety of driving situations, including expressway 


Input the lesson pickup location zip code in the box below for pricing and online registration.

Driving lessons expire after 12 months. A $50 restart fee will be charged to resume lessons. Lesson drive times should be rescheduled with the instructor with notification at least 24 hours in advance. No-shows and lessons not canceled at least 24 hours in advance are subject to a $35 reschedule/cancellation fee or the loss of a lesson.
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