Why insure your home with AAA?

AAA is the only insurance company that offers an exclusive discount to members combined with a personal insurance review.

Let us help you get the right protection at the best price.

AAA can help you better understand your coverage options so that you get the right protection at the best price.

   Discount Description
   AAA Member Save up to 5%.
   Home & Auto Save up to 15%.
   New Home Save if your home is less than 10 years old.
   New Loan Save if you are obtaining a new mortgage.

Talk to an agent and get a personal insurance review to find out how much more you could be saving.

AAA provides protection for your home, personal belongings, attached and detached structures, and personal liability for you and your family in the event of an emergency related to fire, theft, vandalism or malicious mischief, windstorm or hail, lightning, and/or smoke.

AAA offers unique and affordable protection coverage in areas often overlooked by other homeowner policies.

Enhanced Replacement Cost Should a covered claim exceed your policy limits, your
dwelling coverage limit increases to 125% or 150% of the
amount shown on your policy declarations.
Water Back-Up Protection for dwelling and personal property damaged by
water that backs up through sewers, drains, or overflows
from a sump.
Identity Theft & Fraud Up to $15,000 in coverage for expenses you incur as a result
of the theft of your identity—one of today's fastest growing
Mortgage Protection Pays up to $1,500 of your monthly mortgage coverage for up
to one year if your home is made uninhabitable as a result of a
covered loss.

Talk to an agent and get a personal insurance review to find out how much more you could be saving.

*These summary descriptions are not a contract, and are intended solely to inform you about the features of home insurance. The actual insurance policy determines exact obligations.


How do home improvements affect my insurance?

Most homeowners insurance policy premiums are based on the value of the replacement cost of your home. By adding value to your home, you are increasing your replacement value. However, if you do not update your insurance policy, these new additions and upgrades might not be covered by your policy.

Some of the key upgrades to communicate to your agent include:

What is the difference between flood insurance and water backup?

Water back up and flood insurance are two different things covered by two completely different insurance policies.

Water backup is typically covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Some policies offer water backup as an add-on, so you will want to double check your policy to make sure this is covered. Water backup can lead to disease, destruction of your valuables, damage to your house or business, and can even result in electrical malfunctions.