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Save more on groceries

AAA Grocery Discounts are automatically applied to
your purchase when you use your grocery store loyalty card.


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SAVE .75

on ONE jar of Skippy spread

Ragu Pasta Sauce

SAVE .50

on ONE cup of Oikos yogurt

Oikos Yogurt

SAVE .75

on ONE bag of Butterfinger Sweets (8-13 oz.)

Butterfinger Sweets

SAVE 1.00

on ONE bag of Cheetos (14 oz. or larger)

Bag of Cheetos


SAVE .50

on ONE plastic bottle of Fanta (1-3L)



SAVE 1.00

on ONE pack of Jimmy Dean smoked bacon

Jimmy Dean Smoked Bacon


SAVE 1.00

on ONE bag of King Arthur Flour (2lb or larger)

King Arthur Flour


SAVE .50

on ONE squeeze bottle of French's mustard

French's Mustard


SAVE .75

on ONE box of Bigelow tea (20-40 ct.)

Bigelow Tea


SAVE .75

on ONE plastic bottle of Ocean Spray juice (32-64 fl. oz.)

Ocean Spray Juice


SAVE 1.00

on ONE jar of Mt. Olive pickles (16-46 oz.)

Mt. Olive Pickles


SAVE 1.00

on ONE plastic tub of Maxwell House coffee (24.5-30.65 oz.)

Apple & Eve Juice


SAVE .50

on ONE can of Del Monte vegetables

Del Monte Vegetables


SAVE .75

on ONE bag of Nature's Own Bread (16-24 oz.)

Nature's Own Bread


SAVE .75

on ONE carton of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream (14-28 fl. oz.)

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream


SAVE .50

on ONE peg of Kikkoman seasoning

Kikkman Seasoning


SAVE .50

on ONE box of Green Giant Steamers

Green Giant Steamers


SAVE 1.00

on ONE canister of Planters Nuts (8-16 oz.)

Planters Nuts


SAVE .75

on ONE box of Nabisco Wheat Thins snacks (7-16 oz.)

Nabisco Wheat Thins


SAVE 1.00

on ONE tub of Hillshire Farm ham (7-32 oz.)

Hillshire Farm Ham


SAVE .50

on ONE box of Celeste pizza

Celeste Pizza


SAVE 1.00

on ONE bag of Purina One dog dry food (3.8-12.5 lb.)

Purina One Dry Dog Food


SAVE 1.00

on ONE box of Bounce Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets


*All discounts expire on April 30th, 2019