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Save more on groceries

AAA Grocery Discounts are automatically applied to
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SAVE 1.00

on ONE bag of Blue Diamond almonds (12-16 oz.)

Blue Diamond Almonds

SAVE .75

on ONE 12 pack of Dannon Activia yogurt

Activia Yogurt

SAVE .75

on ONE bag of Fritos chips (9.25-14 oz.)

Fritos Chips

SAVE 0.50

on ONE can of Del Monte fruit (15-20 oz.)

Del Monte Fruit


SAVE .75

on ONE box of State Fair corn dogs

State Fair Corndogs


SAVE 1.00

on ONE box of Red Baron frozen pizza

Red Baron Pizza


SAVE .75

on ONE box of Lipton tea (20-50 ct.)

Box of Lipton Tea


SAVE 1.00

on ONE tray of Hormel beef (12. oz or more)

Tray of Hormel Beef


SAVE .75

on ONE plastic bottle of Mazola oil

Manzola Oil


SAVE .75

on ONE pack of 6 or 8 plastic bottles of Poland Spring natural water

8 Plastic Bottles of Poland Spring Natural Water


SAVE .50

on ONE bag of Sun-Maid fruit (5-10 oz.)

Bag of Sunmaid Fruit


SAVE .50

on ONE tray of Keebler cheese crackers

Keebler Cheese Crackers


SAVE .75

on ONE bag of Ore-Ida fries (22-33.6 oz.)

Ore-Ida Fries


SAVE .75

on ONE box of Atkins frozen food

Box of Atkins Frozen Food


SAVE .50

on ONE shaker of McCormick Grill Mates seasoning (2.37-8 oz.)

McCormick Grill Mates seasoning


SAVE .75

on ONE jar of Polaner All Fruit spreadable fruit

Polaner All Fruit Spreadable Fruit


SAVE .75

on ONE tub of Land O'Lakes Butter (6.5-15 oz.)

Land O' Lakes Butter


SAVE .50

on ONE canister of 4C bread crumbs

Canister of 4C Bread Crumbs


SAVE 1.00

on ONE box of Atkins snack bars (5 or 8 bars)

Atkins Snack Bars


SAVE .50

on ONE box of Quaker oatmeal squares

Quaker Oatmeal Squares


SAVE .50

on ONE squeeze bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap (12.6-24 fl. oz.)

Bottle of Dawn Dishwashing Soap


SAVE 1.00

on ONE aerosol can of Febreze AIR Effects freshener (8.8 oz.)

Febreze Air Effects Freshner


SAVE .50

on ONE bag of Halls drops (25-40 ct.)

Bag of Halls Drops


SAVE 1.00

on ONE bag of Purina ONE cat dry food (3.2-7 lb.)

Purina One Cat Dry Food



*All discounts expire on February 28th, 2019