Grocery Discounts Program

AAA MEMBERS Save More On Groceries


Save more on groceries

AAA Grocery Discounts are automatically applied to
your purchase when you use your grocery store loyalty card.


Thank you for your interest in the AAA Grocery Program! We are working on a new program with more stores, more deals and new perks. While we are working, we are not taking new enrollments. Please stop back soon though - great things are coming, so stay tuned!




SAVE .75

on ONE box of Nabisco Honey Maid graham snacks

Graham Crackers

SAVE .50

on ONE box of Ghirardelli cooking mix

Ghiradelli cooking mix

SAVE .75

on ONE tub of Breyers ice cream

Breyers Ice Cream

SAVE 1.00

on ONE box of Jimmy Dean's biscuit sandwich

Jimmy Dean Biscuits


SAVE .75

on ONE tub of Sabra Hummus (8-17 oz.)

Sabra Hummus


SAVE 1.00

on ONE box of Red Baron frozen pizza

Red Baron Pizza


SAVE 1.00

on ONE stand-up bag of Lundberg Family Farms rice (16-32 oz.)

Lundberg family rice


SAVE 1.00

on ONE carton or jug of Horizon Organic milk (0.5-1 gal.)

Horizon Organic Milk


SAVE .50

on ONE box of Jell-O pudding & pie filling mix



SAVE .75

on ONE bag of Nature's Own Bread (16-24 oz.)

Nature's Own Bread


SAVE .50

on ONE bottle of Dunkin' Donuts coffee creamer

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Creamer


SAVE .50

on ONE 2-pack of Hershey’s pudding

Hershey's pudding


SAVE .75

on ONE 6 or 8-pack of Poland Spring natural water

Poland Springs Natural Water


SAVE .50

on ONE 4-pack of Dole mix fruits

Dole Fruit


SAVE .75

on ONE bottle of Mr. Clean cleaner (24-48 fl. oz.)

Mr. Clean cleaner


*All discounts expire on August 31st, 2019