AAA Delivers and Installs Batteries

There’s never a good time to find yourself stranded with a dead battery, so AAA’s Mobile Battery Service is available to help keep you on the go. With free battery testing, delivery and installation, you can avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery breakdown.

It's the most convenient way to buy a new battery. Members get even more great benefits with AAA's Mobile Battery Service, the easiest way to buy a battery.

  • Free battery testing
  • Free delivery and installation in your driveway or
    wherever you are
  • $25 AAA member savings
  • Guaranteed up to 6 years*
Schedule a FREE Battery Test

We'll send a truck equipped to test and, if necessary, install a new battery right there on the spot. These state-of-the-art battery testers, specifically designed for mobile use, eliminate the guesswork out of whether you need a boost or if a new battery is required.

No Obligation
There's no obligation to buy a AAA battery, but if you do - the test won't count towards your annual allotment of roadside assistance calls.


*Mobile battery delivery and installation are not available in all areas. Guarantee includes 3 years free replacement and 3 years discount replacement period.