Biking Over The Border to Canada? Here's What You Should Know

Biking Over The Border to Canada? Here's What You Should Know

The recently opened Binational Trail Connection.
Binational Trail Connection Cycling Lanes Open on Peace Bridge
Kip Doyle

It's easier than ever to cross the US-Canada border by bicycle thanks to recently completed bike lanes on the Peace Bridge.

The new cycling lanes, known as the Binational Trail Connection, connect New York State's trail system to the 56 mile Niagara River Recreation Trail in Canada.

Civic and tourism organizations from the US and Canada have come together to promote the Binational Trail Connection, according to

“Trails connect us to parks, people, gardens, heritage sites, golf courses, wineries, great dining and of course great shopping,” said Sandie Bellows , Niagara Parks Chair. “Linking our trail networks, encourages local residents and tourists alike to stay active and tour even more of this beautiful area that we all share.”

Groups on both sides signed an agreement today, to maintain and promote the Binational Trail Connection. Congressman Brian Higgins, says the agreement is not only good for tourism, but it further strengthens US- Canadian relations. 

Note that just because crossing the US-Canada border by bike has been made easier doesn't mean you shouldn't come prepared. Here's what you should bring with you when taking an international bike ride.



Anyone over the age of 16 entering Canada must have proof of US citizenship and identification on them. This can be a US passport, a passport card, an enhanced license or NEXUS card. A full list of identification requirements is available at

If you are biking over the Peace Bridge with a child younger than 16, you only need to present proof of US citizenship at the border. A birth certificate is commonly used in this case. If a custodial parent is not present, a consent letter from the absent parents should be given to customs officials. 

 The Peace Bridge


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Submitted by Kathy Plyter (not verified) on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 18:33


This is fantastic! I never knew this. I will look into the Binational Trail Connection, connecting New York State's trail system to the 56 mile Niagara River Recreation Trail in Canada. Awesome! Thank you for this article.
Kathy Plyter

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Another good reason to be a AAA member

Submitted by Dave W. (not verified) on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 15:25


In June 2019 while in my club territory (Rochester, NY) I was denied bicycle assistance coverage by the Roadside Assistance associate that I was on the phone with. The associate said that I needed RV/ Motorcycle coverage to help me with my flat bicycle tire. I should have yelled, screamed, and grunted to prove that I was allowed the coverage. I did not. AAA frequently advertises its bicycle coverage. No one I spoke to afterwards could offer an explanation for what went wrong.
My advice to all others- if you ask for bicycle assistance- yell, scream, and grunt over the phone if the first answer is no.


You are correct, bicycle coverage is included with all membership levels with AAA WCNY. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we really appreciate your understanding! Ride on!

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