Cancel Your AAA Membership

If you are a Primary member, you can cancel your entire membership.

To cancel the entire membership:

  1. In My Account, select the Membership Level menu listing:My Account menu with Membership Level highlighted


  2. Membership Level page appears. Select the Cancel button:Membership Level page with Cancel button selected


  3. Cancel Entire Membership form appears. Complete the form and submit:Cancel Entire Membership form


Keep in mind instead of cancelling your entire membership, you can cancel just the extra coverages on your membership (like AAA Plus or Premier) and keep the AAA Basic portion. To do this, follow step 1 and 2 above, and on step 2 select the Downgrade button.


Contact Us for Help

Complete this form and an AAA representative will reply back within 2 business days.

For time-sensitive concerns that require assistance immediately please call us 24/7 at (800) 836-2582.



If your membership number does not start with 620084, or your need is administered by a different AAA Club, instead of this form please visit to be re-routed to that club site.