Travel Planning While Quarantining

Travel Planning While Quarantining

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Hayley Schultz

If your wanderlust is getting the best of you during the stay-at-home orders, it’s probably time to put your travel dreaming to productive use and start taking steps to planning your next trip.

You say, “That’s crazy talk!! How can I plan for travel when I don’t know when the world will open up again??”

We say, “Read on, friend.”


Why plan for travel now?

  1. It’s good for your mental health. Experts say thinking about a brighter future helps us cope with what’s going on right now. Having something to look forward to is a tool often used in treating depression or for anyone who is striving to just be happier.

  2. Time spent planning for travel is time spent bonding with your family (or whoever is sheltering-in-place with you). Having a common focus on something fun to look forward to increases your sense of “we’re in this together”.

  3. It's something positive to look at on your screens. Using your computer and phone to look at destination and vacation information is a good change of pace from using them to obsessively look at COVID-19 statistics and predictions.

  4. It gives you a head start for when travel opens back up. There will be a lot of people trying to book the most popular places and times of year so availability will be lower than the demand. If you start planning (or booking) now, your chances of getting the destination you want at the time you want, are better.


How to plan for travel while quarantining

  1. Brainstorm and make it fun. Watch travel movies, watch virtual travel tours, play travel games, look at old vacation photo albums.

  2. Research! Once you select a destination, do a little research and start collecting information about sights you want to see, activities you want to do, restaurants you want to try. Keep track of that information by creating a folder and bookmarking everything you want to consider for your vacation. Or go old-school and print it out!

  3. Pick an actual date in the future so you’re not just dreaming, you’re working towards an actual goal and you have something to look forward to. Plus it’s easier to dream and plan about things to do when you know what time of year you’ll be there.

  4. Make sure your travel documents are up-to-date. Will your passport expire soon? Renewals are available by mail. Is your license expiring? Now’s the time to upgrade it to a REAL ID so you don’t need to do it next year. Do these things now so you’re ready to go when it’s vacation time.

  5. Contact a AAA Travel Consultant to look for deals and find out what the cancellation policies are. Many suppliers are offering last-minute cancellations so that travelers feel comfortable and safe committing and booking despite the uncertainty. Plant the seed with your travel consultant, even if you aren’t ready to book yet. Let them know what you’re thinking so they can keep their eyes open for the great deals and opportunities for your future vacation.

  6. Keep a positive attitude. Travel WILL come back, the only thing we don’t know right now is exactly WHEN. If your plan doesn’t work, don’t panic, just keep reworking the plan and moving dates. The next thing you know you’ll be under that palm tree, or on that excursion, or in that fabulous city.


We miss you and we miss travel! We can't wait to see you again!


Submitted by Joseph Flowers (not verified) on Thu, 04/23/2020 - 15:25


Should we be rescheduling our trip now or wait to see what happens to travel.

Hi Joseph, if your travel supplier has not cancelled your trip, then it's really a personal choice of yours as to whether you cancel or wait to see what happens. We recommend you discuss your options with your travel consultant who will have more information on how each supplier is dealing with cancellation policies, refunds, deposits, etc. 

To see what your travel consultant can help you with, see our list of FAQs.

Submitted by Barbara Bartholomew (not verified) on Thu, 04/23/2020 - 15:58


I would like a New York StAte map and information on low budget quality lodging options in the Wellsville and Mt Morris Letchworth Park vicinity. I need to plan a three day trip by self to my childhood homes in Belmont and long held desire to visit Letchworth Park and walk a few trails.

Submitted by hschultz on Fri, 04/24/2020 - 13:11


Hi Barbara,

We currently can't mail out any maps or books since our offices are closed due to Governor Cuomo's stay-at-home orders. You can go onto and do an online Trip-Tik. Click here  After you enter in your start and end destinations, in the upper left corner you'll see icons for hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. If you click on the ones you'd like identified, it will show you what's along your route. And if you'd like you can book the hotel right from your phone or computer.

Another option is to call or email one of our travel consultants and have them assist you and make the booking for you if you'd like. If you have a consultant you typically work with, find them here Otherwise you can call our Travel Service Center at  1-800-937-1222 or email at

Have a safe trip and thanks for using AAA.

Submitted by hschultz on Fri, 04/24/2020 - 15:48


Hi Thomas,

Currently there are restrictions in South Carolina, which is not allowing NY,NJ or CT residents to stay at the hotels or campsites in that state. This could change any day but as of this writing it's in effect. All rest areas, welcome centers and travel plazas are open and operating in every state. Most private campgrounds are closed. KOAs are open but some of them have limited facilities available. If possible you should call the hotel or campground ahead of time to make sure they are open and to confirm what facilities are available because everything is subject to change on a daily basis.

Have a safe trip back.

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