Finding the Right Destination

The biggest factor in a destination wedding is the destination itself. The possibilities are endless, so finding that perfect location can be exciting, but also daunting.

The first step is to understand your travel personality. Click the travel personality below that best describes you and explore our ideas on wedding destinations that fit your travel personality.

Sun Worshipers

You love the sun and the beach, being warm and able to relax. The Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii will be perfect for your seaside ceremony or just laying on the warm sand and watching ocean sunset.


Not one to sit still while traveling, you seek adventure and physical activity. You might consider Costa Rica, Africa or the Canadian Rockies. These are ideal for eco-travel and thrill-seekers.

Urban Pleasures

You like the fast pace of urban destinations plus the wide variety of choices a city offers: restaurants, museums, sightseeing, cultural events, people-watching, architecture and more! Just about anywhere in Europe will whet your appetite for city life and culture. Rome is one of today’s most popular honeymoon destinations.


You love the smell of the ocean air and the idea of visiting a variety of ports without having to pack and unpack your bag. Cruise ships offer luxury accommodations and amenities. Don’t be fooled by the closeness of a ship – you can enjoy time alone or choose to socialize with your shipmates.

Ultimate Escapes

Your idea of a vacation is far from ordinary. You seek exotic locales with a unique concept or distinctive experiences.