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AAA Provides Passport Photos

Your local AAA Travel Center can provide passport photos, answer questions, assist with travel documents, and provide a printed passport application. Passport photos are $8.95 for AAA Members and $10.00 for non-members.

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September 22, 2016 - The U.S. Department of State has advised that, beginning November 1, travelers must remove their eyeglasses when having their passport photos taken. In 2015, the State Department received more than 200,000 unacceptable passport photos, with the most common reason being glare on eyeglasses, making it more difficult to verify travelers’ identities, which can result in delayed travel.

  • Beginning November 1, travelers must remove their eyeglasses for U.S. passport photos.
  • The State Department is changing its policy to enhance the security of the application process and to verify travelers’ identities faster.
  • The State Department wants to ensure that travelers have fewer delays in the application process.
  • Last year, more than 200,000 passport customers submitted poor quality photos which the State Department couldn’t accept. These passport applications are put on hold because the customer couldn’t be clearly identified from their photo.
  • The main reason the State Department couldn’t accept passport photos last year was issues with eyeglasses. Eyeglasses may cause glare on the lens, create shadows on faces or block a portion of the eyes.
  • A new passport photo without eyeglasses may help travelers move faster through U.S. ports of entry, especially when passports are verified electronically.
  • Travelers may wear glasses if they have a medical issue, such as a recent surgery requiring eyeglasses to protect their eyes.
  • If a traveler must wear eyeglasses for a medical reason, they’ll need to obtain and submit a signed statement with their application from a medical professional or health practitioner.
  • Travelers who have photos where they are wearing eyeglasses in existing passports will not be required to obtain new passports.
  • AAA recommends that travelers renew their passports as far in advance as possible for an international trip to avoid delays.
  • AAA members can visit their local AAA office to obtain passport photos.
  • To further expedite travel, AAA recommends that frequent travelers enroll in trusted traveler programs such as TSA PreCheck and Global Entry.
  • Consult a travel advisor to ensure you have all necessary travel documents before your trip.

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Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDL)

New York State Enhanced Driver’s License

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDL) are available to drivers who can show proof of New York State residency and US citizenship. Enhanced non-driver photo identification cards are also available.*
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

*AAA recommends a U.S. passport as the most effective and cost-efficient identification document for international travel.

NEXUS – Trusted Traveler Program

The Fastest Way to Cross the US–Canadian Border

NEXUS is a Trusted Traveler Program designed to expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved U.S. and Canadian citizens. The program offers dedicated Customs processing lanes at designated US–Canadian bridge and land border crossings, as well as special kiosks at Canadian Preclearance airports, and other available marine reporting locations. The program is quite popular with frequent border travelers and families who vacation in both countries. Over 650,000 citizens are currently enrolled in the program. The cost of membership is just $50 for five years of eligibility, and children under 18 years old may participate for free.
Visit NEXUS Niagara for more information & enrollment

International Driving Permit

Before you travel the world, visit your local AAA for your International Driving Permit. To apply, simply print the application, fill in the information requested, and bring the following to the AAA branch nearest you.

What you’ll need:

Contact AAA for details, restrictions & qualifications


What travel benefits do I receive with my AAA membership?

AAA’s exclusive relationship with preferred cruise, car and tour suppliers provide value-added features for AAA Members. Ask your AAA Travel Consultant for details on special member benefits available through our preferred cruise, tour, hotel and car partners.

Walt Disney World - How can AAA help me plan a trip?

AAA makes Disney vacations easy and affordable. Click for more information.

Can I purchase travel insurance for a vacation package that was not booked through AAA?

Yes, please call any AAA Travel Consultant or (800) 937-1222.

Where can I find the latest information on travel advisories?

A listing of all current travel advisories can be found at