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Celebrate Holidays Aboard a Cruise

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Enjoying the holidays on a vacation is nothing new to many, but how about celebrating those cheerful days on-board a cruise! Spending this time away from home may sound a bit odd but when you consider the many benefits- you’ll begin to think twice about it.

Whose Turn to Host?

Often the planning and prepping that goes into hosting the holidays can be stressful. How about taking that pressure off your shoulders and let others do all the work for you and your entire family?

We all want that festive feel, but a cruise relieves the pre- and post-party obligations of decorating, baking and the dreaded grocery shopping. When Thanksgiving comes along on a cruise, it calls for a major feast. All the typical fixings are made possible and you didn’t even have to chop, mix or stir one bit! And for those who just aren’t a fan of typical Thanksgiving dishes, many cruise lines offer additional options rather than just the traditional holiday meal.

Celebrate More than One Holiday

Many holidays tend to follow one another but others also overlap. Like this year – Christmas and Hanukkah take place during the same time. Rather than picking and choosing “where to next?”, gather both sides of the family for the trip. This way no one’s meal, gift-giving or time is cut short because the family must head out for "dinner round 2".

All Types of Family Scenarios

Whether you’re a single parent, have a small family, or your family is demographically spread out, this time of the year can be difficult for some. But with cruising, there’s always the opportunity to interact with others. Taking part in on-board events, joining others at dinner or group excursions are just some of the many moments where it’s almost “family-like”. Time and time again, travelers leave their trips with new found friends

When your kids have grown into young adults and they aren’t looking to do the same old festivities, cruises offer many on- and off-board experiences to keep the kids busy and entertained. While on the other hand, families with Santa-believers and younger ones will also have plenty of kid-focused activities and events to partake in.

You’re Just Here for the Party

Lastly a holiday cruise can close the year out with a bang, and ring in the new year with exciting party traditions. Sail straight into the new year while dancing underneath the stars and counting down the last seconds of the year with your friends and family.

With all these ingredients, you’ve got yourself a recipe for both blissful and unforgettable memories. If you’re looking to spend the holidays on a cruise this year, contact a AAA Travel Consultant today.

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