Samantha Curtiss

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Years Experience:
4 years 2 months
About Me:

I’m from Wyoming, NY. I studied Events and Tourism at Niagara University and have a Bachelor’s in Hospitality. I studied and worked abroad in college in Peru in both Cusco and Lima. I’ve traveled to a lot of different places and love to go off the beaten path. 

How I Can Help You:

By booking with a travel agent you have someone who personally knows you to help with anything you will need along the way. If something goes wrong you don’t have to call an outsourced number who doesn’t know you or your situation. I’ve been trained in many different destinations and we have contacts that will be able to further assist us if needed. You will have my number and email and can ask anything that you need. I’ll always do my best to respond within the day.

Industry Experience:

I’ve lived in Peru, worked on a cruise ship, and have been to quite a few different places including Spain, Alaska and multiple Caribbean Islands.

Favorite Vacation:

My favorite place has been Alaska. I was able to go off the normal path and into the local places. We also flew right beside the Northern Lights on our flight home.

Dream Vacation:

My dream vacation would be a week of adventure travel, possibly hiking through New Zealand, followed by a week of lying on a beach relaxing and doing absolutely nothing!

Travel Certifications:
Alaska Specialist
Caribbean Specialist
Mexico Specialist
Travel Destinations:
South America
Universal Orlando

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