Cheri Dutton

Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Years Experience:
38 years
About Me:

I am from the Corning/Watkins Glen area. I have two grown daughters and five grandchildren.

I was originally going to be a teacher, but geography and history are my favorite topics, and so it seemed a better way to indulge in those passions was to go into the Travel Industry! I received my degree in Travel/Business.I love traveling to visit different cultures and to get away from the ordinary. I have a passion for assisting others get to where they want or need to be.

How I Can Help You:

As your travel agent, I will bring you the best vacation choices for the best value. I hope travelers will find me useful and beneficial in providing them personalized and specialized vacation planning while helping them create memories. I can make recommendations in response to their desires and needs and provide individual pricing. I offer alternative arrangements if unexpected changes occur; and I hope applying custom assistance as well as saving them time and money leads the traveler to being pleased and having valued peace of mind. I can be a great resource to rely on in person or via phone or email; from the beginning of your plans all the way through whether you need recommendations, encounter a problem, or have a change of plans.

Industry Experience:

Over the years, I have had a visit to France, Ireland,and England (London). I have traveled to Florida , California, Hawaii and Texas. I visited the western side of the Caribbean islands (Jamaica and Grand Cayman) on a few cruises along with the Cancun area. I also spent 5 nights on a Mississippi River Cruise, which was both very relaxing and an educational experience.

Favorite Vacation:

The Costa Rica vacation held alot of firsts. I visted there with 15 or so other AAA agents some years ago. We traversed the country from the rain forest on the Atlantic coast to the volcano and thermal hot springs mid country and on to the white and black sand beaches of the Pacific coast. The locals are kind and hardworking. The lush vegetation and the exotic wildlife adds proof of a most bio-diverse country.

Dream Vacation:

I would love to experience a European River cruise for the scenery (nature and historical) and witness the commendable 1st class service that past travelers tell about and others are anticipating.

Travel Certifications:
Alaska Specialist
Hawaii Specialist
South Europe Specialist
Travel Destinations:
Australia/New Zealand
Central America
Ocean Cruising
River Cruising
South America

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