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Spectacular Disney Vacation Experience

Submitted by: James - Travel - 05/06/2011

We are still unpacking from the trip but had to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful homecoming gift (Kelly sent them a Wegmans gift basket) but far more for the spectacular vacation experience that you put together for us. It was everything we hoped for and more. Your insights were accurate and highly appreciated, especially when we heard other people talking that without restaurant reservations they a) could not get in at all, b) could only get in at 9:00 pm or later or c) waited an hour or more in hopes of being fit in. Our having followed your guidance and your having gotten all the dining reservations simply made the vacation incredible. We just had to think about which theme parks we wanted to be in that day and what rides we wanted to go on.

You are truly a heroine to our family because the Cinderella lunch was beyond description and the food was fabulous- highly recommended the experience. They gave the young ladies wands and our son (five years old) was given a sword. As an aside, the little charmer, at his dad’s suggestion, asked one of the princesses if he could be her Prince and he got a lipstick kiss on the cheek and a big smile as the answer!

Every day we saw warthogs, zebra, swans, African cows with five foot horns and a giraffe from our room balcony. The Grand Gathering Safari dinner was a very nice experience as were all of the character dinners, breakfasts, etc. We were actually very impressed with the quality of the food since overall it was better than we expected in a theme park.

Our experience with baggage handling going down was great but coming back it almost made you feel pampered since the hotel took car of everything. We simply had to pay the baggage fee and from there they tagged it, issued our tickets and the next time we touched our baggage was in Rochester when we took it off the carousel.