Spring-clean your insurance policy

Spring-clean your insurance policy

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Laura Wahler

As snow and ice begin to melt, it's almost time to make some improvements around the house. If you're adding a new fence or alarm system, digging a pool, building a deck or changing anything else around the house, you might be surprised how some of these changes can affect your homeowners insurance.

"It's best to touch base with us and review any changes," says Dave Hodge, vice president of insurance for AAA Western and Central New York. "Even adding a dog to the family could make a difference in your coverage needs."

And don't worry if your insurance policies aren't currently with AAA. As a benefit of your membership, you can meet with one of the licensed agents at the local AAA office for a comprehensive policy review. He or she will review your coverage, suggest any necessary changes and see if you can find a better rate with one of multiple insurance carries available through AAA Members Insurance Agency. 

"The original homeowners policy you purchased when you bought your home might not be sufficient today," Hodge says. "In the event of a loss, you might not be fully covered. We'll ask a lot of questions so we can make sure you have the coverage that fits your current needs."

A good place for anyone to start is with a thorough home inventory, and spring is an ideal time to do that. Hodge suggests grabbing a camera or smartphone and taking a tour of your home, noting everything you would want an insurance company to replace in case of a fire or natural disaster. Pull together sales receipts and other documentation and store the inventory and related documents in a safe place. Add up the replacement costs for all of those items to make sure you have enough coverage. 

Still, it's not always easy to determine insurance needs without consulting with an agent, Hodge says. That's how AAA can help. "Our AAA team really does a good job at helping our members feel more confident in their insurance coverage,"  Hodge says. "We want our members to be as happy as possible."

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