Story Ideas

Slow news day? Provided is a list of ideas to help you through. AAA has the experts for interviews from automotive services and gas prices to traffic safety, discounts and beyond. Please contact us for assistance (media only), and we'd be happy to help you with all aspects of your story.


  • Tools and advice for keeping a vehicle properly maintained
  • Estimating the annual cost of owning and operating a motor vehicle
  • Tips for purchasing the right vehicle
  • Before you go: The importance of a vehicle maintenance inspection


  • Vacation costs and money saving tips
  • Trouble-free travel: Taking care of you and your stuff
  • What you need to know about crossing the border: Passport rules
  • Staying healthy while on vacation
  • Tips for traveling with your pet
  • Driving abroad: Obtaining an International Driving Permit
  • One-tank trips: Road trips on a single tank of gasoline


  • Regular policy reviews can add up to significant savings
  • Insuring your family, home and fun.
  • Changes in your life mean changes to your insurance coverage
  • The importance of Life Insurance coverage

Traffic Safety & Driving

  • The dangers of distracted and impaired driving
  • Teen driver crashes, regulations, safety measures, and statistics
  • Senior driver safety, programs, and how aging affects driving
  • Techniques to improve defensive driving skills
  • Winter driving tips and techniques – How to Go on Ice and Snow
  • What to do when your vehicle breaks down
  • Potential dangers and effects of potholes
  • Keeping yourself safe from aggressive driving and road rage
  • School’s Open – Drive Carefully: Reminders for motorists

Gasoline Prices

  • Tips for conserving fuel & saving money
  • What’s moving the market
  • The pros and cons of alternative fuels

Consumer Information

  • Saving money with AAA’s Discounts & Rewards program

Legislative Affairs

  • Advocating for motorist rights and the freedom of mobility
  • AAA and the environment
  • Traffic laws in New York State