Gas Prices Drop across the Region again

Gas Prices Drop across the Region again

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Sanctions against Iran go into effect in just days
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Today’s national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $2.82, down three cents from last week. One year ago, the price was $2.47. The New York State average is $2.96 – down two cents from last week. A year ago, the NYS average was $2.65. AAA Western and Central New York (AAA WCNY) reports the following averages:


  • Batavia - $2.92 (down two cents since last week)
  • Buffalo - $2.98 (down one cent since last week)
  • Ithaca - $2.87 (down 6 cents since last week)
  • Rochester - $2.92 (down 2 cents since last week)
  • Rome - $2.93 (down 3 cents since last week)
  • Syracuse - $2.87 (down 3 cents since last week)
  • Watertown - $3.00 (down 2 cents since last week)

Gas prices are down across the region though motorists are still paying 31 cents more per gallon than last year, on average, in New York State. Geopolitics and rising crude oil prices have stalled the typical autumn drop in pump prices this year. Gas prices could drop further this week, but U.S.-imposed sanctions on Iran’s crude exports go into place on November 4 – that could stir volatility. The United States is trying to reduce Iranian oil exports to zero to force the country to renegotiate an agreement on its nuclear program. At the same time, demand is lowering as motorists drive less in the winter so that could help offset large increases at the pump.

As crude oil prices continue to increase, 2019 is poised to be an expensive year for gasoline both for motorists and travelers. We are seeing the highest jet fuel prices since 2014, which could impact the price of airfare. Heating oil will also be more expensive.

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