Winter Maintenance Tips

When the weather obscures your view, coats the road with ice, and presents other hazards that make winter driving a challenge, it’s a good time to review and follow these winter car maintenance tips from AAA:
Car care tips

  1. Wiper blades: Since 90 percent of driving decisions are based on vision, be sure your current wipers clean the windshield well. Replacing them with winter wipers, which have rubber coverings that prevent ice, is a smart choice.
  2. Battery: Winter’s cold temperatures are especially draining on an automotive battery because more power is required to start the engine. Schedule a free check to make sure your car’s charging system will last through the season.
  3. Cooling system: A proper balance of antifreeze and water is necessary to protect your vehicle from winter’s extreme temperatures. You may also need a coolant flush to protect against rust, dirt, and mineral deposits.
  4. Snow tires: Snow tires help your car get moving, plus they increase your traction when you are braking and turning. When it comes to your car’s performance on a snowy road, nothing will make a bigger difference.
  5. Schedule a seasonal checkup to ensure that your car is ready for winter driving.
    Safe driving tips
  6. Match your speed to the prevailing visibility, traffic and road conditions. Stay alert for challenging situations.
  7. Reduce your speed to a third of your normal pace in fog, rain, snow, or high winds, and keep your low beams on.
  8. Give the car ahead of you extra space in sloppy weather. Stay at least one car length behind it for every 10 miles per hour on your speedometer, and anticipate turns and possible stops.
  9. Plan ahead by telling friends and family your route and ETA for a winter road trip. Listen to weather reports; when they predict especially heavy weather, delay your trip.
  10. Carry an emergency kit with supplies including blankets, food, and water in case you’re delayed or stranded in a snowstorm.