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Ever since my son went to Genesee Country Village & Museum for a school field trip four years ago, we have been meaning to go back as a family, so we took an impromptu trip there last weekend. What a great place!

It’s an experience that is both educational and fun for every age. My 7-year-old daughter was delighted with all the hands-on activities. We tried our athletic skills with stilts (available in children and adult sizes) and hoop-rolling. Then it was on to do some chores for fun! We washed the laundry the 19th-centrury way: outdoors with a washboard and paddle. The tinsmith was next, and for a small fee we made tin ornaments – a great souvenir.

We continued through the village experiencing many of the trades of days gone by. At every building we were greeted by knowledgeable volunteers who shared the stories of the past with familiarity and know-how. From butter churning to pig bladder tosses, tug-of-war to rope making, there are many demonstrations to experience. All volunteers (and many of the visitors) were dressed in period costume, adding to the experience.

If you go

  • Plan on a 2- to 3-hour visit, and wear comfortable shoes.
  • While much of the village is handicap accessible, the roads are gravel and have a lot of small hills, so maneuvering can be difficult.
  • We noticed many people brought picnic lunches and enjoyed them in the grassy areas next to the parking lot. Local famed Red Osier roast beef sandwiches are available for purchase, along with other light refreshments and beverages.
  • Some activities are dependant on weather and subject to change. In the event of rain, some activities may be cancelled while other may be relocated indoors.
  • Be sure to get a listing of the day’s events and a program schedule so you don’t miss out.
  • In addition to the homes and shops within the village area, there is a carriage museum and gallery that are well worth a visit.
  • Don’t forget to ask for your AAA discount!

What are your other favorite family attractions in the area? Tell us about it in the comments below.


I did this trip with my family from the AAA blog to Mumford with my kids...We all had an awesome time! Thanks for the trip idea. We learned how they made baskets from Ash Trees. We made ornaments out of tin. Saw how they made S hooks from the Blacksmith, Buckets from the Cooper. We had a Grimm’s Tail story read to us in the McKay House. We were there from open till close and still did not get everything done. What a great area Mumford is. I will return soon so i can finish my tour of the 1800's. Thank you for a wonderful trip idea in the local area! - The Schupps

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