Our Audience Is Your Business

Member Connection, our quarterly membership magazine, reaches over 875,000 readers across Western and Central New York. It serves as a guide to members on all things AAA, as well as providing insight into travel, destinations, and opportunities within the state of New York.

The magazine also creates a means for our advertisers to introduce themselves to AAA members and cultivate those relationships. In fact, AAA members see you as trusted, quality marketing partners rather than advertisers.

Our partnership and advertising packages are customized to your budgets and marketing strategy. Our partnership team works with you one-on-one to assess your individual needs, determining how to best incorporate our different communication components, including e-mail, online, banner ads, and discount opportunities, so that you get the most out of the marketing relationship.

Wow, such amazing feedback from your AAA Member Connection article. THANK YOU from Eastman House! If the editors are wondering if their new publication is being read, a big fat ‘YES’ is my answer based on all the great response. We're thrilled. Excellent writing and research! Brava, best, and thanks!

The George Eastman House


How do I advertise in Member Connection magazine?

To inquire about advertising in Member Connection magazine, or inquire about online advertising, discount opportunities, or partnership programs, please send an email to jfidanza@nyaaa.com, or call us at (716) 633-9860, ext. 73648.

How do I contact the editor of Member Connection magazine?

To contact the Editor of Member Connection magazine, please send an email to letters@nyaaa.com.

How can I receive Member Connection magazine?

As an added benefit of AAA membership, Member Connection magazine is delivered by mail four times a year to AAA Western & Central New York primary members. If you are having delivery problems related to the magazine, please call (800) 836-CLUB.