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Free to members, AAA Maps for metropolitan areas, major national parks, and other popular destinations in the U.S. and Canada are full of up-to-date information, including:

  • AAA branch locations
  • Gas stations, road mileage, and highway exits
  • AAA Approved lodging, restaurants, attractions, and more

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Stop by your local AAA branch for free Maps, TripTiks®, TourBooks®, and more—plus free professional travel advice and a wide variety of travel guides and merchandise.

Need Driving Directions?

Use the online TripTik travel planner to get door-to-door directions—and plan everything in between.

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Magellan GPS

AAA TourBooks® and discounts now appear in select Magellan personal navigation systems—plus AAA members save on GPS devices and accessories.

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I want to plan a driving trip. How can I do that on your site?

AAA has many tools for planning a great road trip and all of them are found here.

I need a TripTik, can I order one online?

Members can order TripTiks on AAA.com by following this link. Allow about two weeks for processing and mailing.

NOTE: The new online TripTik Travel Planner is an interactive mapping program that lets you design your TripTik right on your computer and print it at home.

Ordering Tips:

*Tell us how you want to travel -- most direct route, no toll roads, etc. Use the comments window to explain information you think we should know.

How do I order maps, TourBooks, Campbooks and other travel guides?

Visit the Maps and Directions home page. From there you can order AAA's maps, TourBooks, CampBooks and other travel materials.

Be sure to browse to AAA's new TripTik Travel Planner, which lets you instantly create clear, easy-to-read maps that can be printed right on your printer! The TripTik Travel Planner now includes campgrounds and camping information.

How do I advertise in the AAA TourBook?

Visit the AAA Publications website to view AD rates and options. You can also use this site to update information in AAA publications. http://www.aaa.biz/adsales

Internet TripTik : Trouble shooting & Technical Requirements

To enjoy the new release of AAA TripTik, which uses Vector Graphics technology to deliver top-notch mapping and routing, please upgrade to one of the many brower versions that support this capability.