Becoming a AAA Member

Can I make changes to my membership after I join?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your membership or add an associate at any time. Register online with us here to manage your account.

If I join AAA today and I have car trouble, can I immediately call for Emergency Road Service or is there a waiting period?

AAA Basic emergency roadside benefits are available immediately to Members upon joining. Preexisting breakdowns are restricted to AAA Basic emergency roadside benefits, regardless of join or upgrade date.

How do I give AAA to someone else as a gift?

AAA makes it easy to give the gift of safety, savings and security that comes with AAA membership.
You can give a AAA gift membership by following this link.

If I'm the Primary Member, will my spouse or children receive the same AAA benefits as I do?

Yes, but they must be enrolled as an Associate member.

Primary Membership - The Primary Member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Membership includes Emergency Road Service and all other services and benefits.

Associate Membership - Associate Membership is available to any individuals residing in the same household as the Primary Member. Associate Members receive the same services and benefits as Primary Members, but their annual membership rate is at a lower rate.

How much does it cost to join AAA?

Click here to go to AAA's membership benefits & costs page for a full explanation of membership dues. There are three levels of membership; Basic, PLUS, and PREMIER. Dues are charged annually. There is a $15.00 one-time Enrollment Fee when you first join AAA - You can avoid this fee by joining online.

What is the difference between the Basic, Plus, and Premier memberships?

AAA has three coverage levels to meet your needs. View a side-by-side comparison here.

Will my RV or motorcycle be covered by AAA?

For vehicle’s with more or fewer than four wheels (large motorhomes, campers, travel trailers and motorcycles), AAA offers an additional membership rider for Plus and Premier memberships to cover recreational vehicles and motorcycles.
Compare membership levels

Why Join

What kind of insurance do you offer?

Auto, Home, Life, Personal Liability("Umbrella"), Renters, Condo or Townhouse, Rental Property, Motorcycle, Boat/Watercraft, ATV/RV/Trailer, Snowmobile, Antique/Classic Car. Learn more about AAA insurance coverage.

Where can I take advantage of my AAA discounts?

Our discount partners include restaurants, online and in-store retailers, attractions, outlets, and much more. Visit AAA Discounts for a complete listing.

Can I make changes to my membership after I join?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your membership or add an associate at any time. Register online with us here to manage your account.

Can I add a family member to my membership?

Yes - as long as that family member resides in your household.

How often can I call for Roadside Assistance? How many calls do I get per year?

Your membership entitles you to four roadside assistance calls each year. There is no waiting period between Roadside Assistance calls.

Existing Member Services

Can I add a family member to my membership?

Yes - as long as that family member resides in your household.

To cancel a membership, please call AAA at (800) 836-2582.

To cancel a membership, please call AAA at (800) 836-2582.

Can I pay my AAA dues at my local AAA branch office?

Yes, we're happy to accept your payment at any AAA Location. You can also make your payment online at

How do I change my email address?

You may update your email and other personal information here: My Online Account.

Click the above link. After you sign in click on "Update my personal information".

Where do I submit a question, comment or complaint?

We want to hear from you. Please call us any time at (800) 836-2582 or send us an email.

Frequently used AAA email addresses: - Member Services - Travel Services - Assistance

For a complete listing of AAA contact information, follow this link.

What is the limit for Roadside Assistance calls for my membership?

Each member (Primary or Associate) in your household is allowed four Emergency Road Service calls per year. (If there are two AAA members in your household, each one would be allowed four calls for a total of eight.)

When a member uses all of their calls, they can still call AAA for service, but will be charged a special "member rate". This rate is often lower than the commercial rates charged by towing companies--so, your AAA membership is working for you even when you have exceeded your annual limit! Please see your membership agreement for complete details.

How do I upgrade my level of coverage?

There are 3 ways to upgrade your membership:

1. Visit My Account and select the "upgrade" option.
2. Call us at (800) 836-2582
3. Visit a AAA Travel & Insurance Center

Learn more about the different levels of coverage here.

How do I add additional people (Associate Members) to my AAA membership?

You can add an associate to your membership online or by calling (800) 836-2582.

Associate members must reside in the same household as the Primary member, except college students who can be Associates as long as they consider the Primary residence to be their permanent residence.

Secondly, all memberships on an account must be of the same type -- BASIC, PLUS or PREMIER. Compare membership types and prices.

How do I remove an Associate from my AAA membership?

You can login to My Account anytime and make changes to your account. For assistance in removing an Associate from your AAA membership, please call (800) 836-2582.

How can I make an online payment?

To make a payment for membership - visit: My Online Account

How do I renew my membership online?

Your account balance is shown on the My Online Account page. From there, click on the "pay now" button to renew your membership. For assistance or to pay by telephone, please call us at (800) 836-2582.

How can I replace a lost or stolen membership card?

A new membership card may be requested by visiting this page, calling (800) 836-2582 or by visiting any AAA Travel & Insurance Center.

I have permanently moved to Western or Central New York, how do I transfer my membership from another state or region?

If your membership is up for renewal in your current state and your move to Western or Central New York is permanent, you will want to transfer your membership to AAA Western and Central New York. Your membership with AAA from the club you have moved here from will be honored here in Western and Central New York until it expires. Prior to your expiration we suggest calling our toll free phone number (800) 836-2582 to set up your membership with us. Just let the call receiver know that you are transferring from another AAA club and this will save you the $15.00 enrollment fee.

How can I request a new or replacement membership card?

A new membership card may be requested by visiting this page, calling (800) 836-2582 or by visiting any AAA Travel & Insurance Center. When you request a temporary card, AAA will automatically process new cards. Permanent replacement cards will be sent via US mail in 7-10 business days.

How often can I call for Roadside Assistance? How many calls do I get a year?

Your membership entitles you to four roadside assistance calls each year. There is no waiting period between roadside assistance calls.

How do I change my address?

You may update your email and other personal information here: My Online Account
Click the above link. After you sign in click on "Update my personal information".
Or you can call 800-836-2582 or visit a local branch.

Can my membership be automatically renewed?

To sign up for Auto Renewal or to update your credit card information, go to My Online Account. After you sign in, click on "Update my personal information. You can also call 800-836-2582 or visit a local branch.

For billing problems, please call AAA at (800) 836-2582 or visit your local branch. In order to better serve your needs, please have your credit card statement(s) available when you call or come into our branch.

Can I make changes to my membership after I join?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your membership, add associate members at any time and more. Register online to manage your account.

Can I add a family member to my membership?

Yes, as long as that family member resides in the same household.

How do I find membership benefit information?

Membership benefit information is located in the Membership section of, or by viewing the Member Benefits Guide.

How do I re-activate my membership?

Please call us at (800) 836-2582 or visit one of our local branches.

Will I be reimbursed if I use another towing company if AAA isn't available?

If AAA Roadside Assistance is not available and you obtain service from a non-AAA facility, you are entitled to reimbursement up to the amount it would have cost us to provide the service under similar circumstances.  Except for certain toll roads, where AAA service is restricted, you must make every effort to secure AAA Roadside Assistance first.  To be reimbursed for non-AAA facility expenses, you should contact our Member Services department.  Reimbursement will be based on prevailing commercial rates for the region, in accordance with our guidelines.

If I require two different services at the same time (e.g., fuel delivery and tire change), will I be charged for two different Roadside Assistance calls?

Provided that you request more than one service at the time of your initial call for Roadside Assistance, your AAA membership should cover both services under the same service call. If you should need to call later in the same day for another service, you will be charged for an additional Roadside Assistance call.

What number do I call for help when I'm out of town?

Call (800) AAA-HELP (800-222-4357).  Wherever you are in the U.S. and Canada, your call will be dispatched to a nearby AAA/CAA affiliated service facility that can help you-24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can I use a debit card to pay for Roadside Assistance beyond my current membership level coverage? (example: extra towing mileage)

Yes, debit cards may be used provided they maintain the logo for MasterCard or Visa. (check cards) An initial authorization is obtained and a hold is put on the funds required. If the authorization is obtained when placing the Roadside Assistance call and later it is determined that a charge is not necessary, the funds will posted back to the bank account in the next 7-10 business days. The time frame it takes for the funds to be posted back to the bank account is determined by the financial institution your account is held.

Is Emergency Roadside Assistance available during special weather and emergency conditions?

AAA takes special measures to prepare for unusual weather conditions.  However, the volume of service calls during extreme weather or poor road conditions can cause delays.  Under these circumstances, we cannot guarantee a normal response time.  During local or regional state of emergency, services may need to be prioritized, and some may be temporarily suspended.

I purchased a AAA Battery. Can I have a AAA Approved Auto Repair (AAR) facility honor the AAA battery warranty, instead of calling for Roadside Assistance?

All AAA Battery Warranty services must be placed through (800) AAA-HELP in order to have a qualified AAA Battery Technician honor the AAA Battery Warranty.   Removal or replacement of the AAA battery by any person, other than the qualified AAA Battery Technician will void the warranty.

Does AAA Western and Central New York still offer the benefit for Guarantee and Bail Bond coverage?

AAA Western and Central New York will no longer provide the membership benefit for the Guarantee and Bail Bond coverage, effective May 1, 2012. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact the AAA Western and Central New York office.

TripTiks, Maps & TourBooks

I want to plan a driving trip. How can I do that on your site?

AAA has many tools for planning a great road trip and all of them are found here.

I need a TripTik, can I order one online?

Members can order TripTiks on by following this link. Allow about two weeks for processing and mailing.

NOTE: The new online TripTik Travel Planner is an interactive mapping program that lets you design your TripTik right on your computer and print it at home.

Ordering Tips:

*Tell us how you want to travel -- most direct route, no toll roads, etc. Use the comments window to explain information you think we should know.

How do I order maps, TourBooks, Campbooks and other travel guides?

Visit the Maps and Directions home page. From there you can order AAA's maps, TourBooks, CampBooks and other travel materials.

Be sure to browse to AAA's new TripTik Travel Planner, which lets you instantly create clear, easy-to-read maps that can be printed right on your printer! The TripTik Travel Planner now includes campgrounds and camping information.

How do I advertise in the AAA TourBook?

Visit the AAA Publications website to view AD rates and options. You can also use this site to update information in AAA publications.

Internet TripTik : Trouble shooting & Technical Requirements

To enjoy the new release of AAA TripTik, which uses Vector Graphics technology to deliver top-notch mapping and routing, please upgrade to one of the many brower versions that support this capability.

Discounts, Tickets & Travel Store

Where do I find information on AAA's Prescription Savings Plan?

AAA's Prescription Savings Plan helps you save money on your prescriptions at participating neighborhood pharmacies or through mail order deliver. It is a free AAA member benefit and you can save an average of 35% on generic drugs and an average of 15% on brand drugs. It is not a substitute for medical insurance and cannot be combined with your existing insurance prescription plan.

One AAA Prescription Savings card can be used for all family members in your household, including pets!

Does AAA sell car wash tickets?

Can I purchase discount attraction tickets at AAA?

Yes, AAA has a large selection of discounted attraction tickets. Click to view.

Does AAA sell discounted Movie Tickets?

Can you provide me with a list of the AAA member store locations?

You can find a list of AAA Travel & Insurance Center locations by following this link:

AAA Locations

This page also lists the phone numbers, the hours of operation as well as a cross-streets map.

Which businesses can I get discounts at?

Our discount partners include restaurants, online and in-store retailers, attractions, outlets and more. For a complete listing, click here.


What travel benefits do I receive with my AAA membership?

AAA’s exclusive relationship with preferred cruise, car and tour suppliers provide value-added features for AAA Members. Ask your AAA Travel Consultant for details on special member benefits available through our preferred cruise, tour, hotel and car partners.

Walt Disney World - How can AAA help me plan a trip?

AAA makes Disney vacations easy and affordable. Click for more information.

Can I purchase travel insurance for a vacation package that was not booked through AAA?

Yes, please call any AAA Travel Consultant or (800) 937-1222.

Where can I find the latest information on travel advisories?

A listing of all current travel advisories can be found at


What kind of insurance do you offer?

Auto, Home, Life, Personal Liability ("Umbrella"), Renters, Condo or Townhouse, Rental Property, Motorcycle, Boat/Watercraft, ATV/RV/Trailer, Snowmobile, Antique/Classic Car. You can find more information here.

Does AAA offer life insurance for me and my family?

For AAA members, belonging is security. It's knowing there's someone you can count on in emergencies. More than 7 million trust their families' financial security to AAA. AAA offers a diverse range of life insurance products. Click for more information.

I need to make an insurance claim. What do I need to do?

We take the stress out of filing a claim. Please contact us at the telephone number shown below.

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 7am - 9pm EST
Phone: (800) 207-3618

Insurance - Home

How do home improvements affect my insurance?

Most homeowners insurance policy premiums are based on the value of the replacement cost of your home. By adding value to your home, you are increasing your replacement value. However, if you do not update your insurance policy, these new additions and upgrades might not be covered by your policy.

Some of the key upgrades to communicate to your agent include:

What is the difference between flood insurance and water backup?

Water back up and flood insurance are two different things covered by two completely different insurance policies.

Water backup is typically covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Some policies offer water backup as an add-on, so you will want to double check your policy to make sure this is covered. Water backup can lead to disease, destruction of your valuables, damage to your house or business, and can even result in electrical malfunctions.

Car Care Plus

Do I have to be a member of AAA to use Car Care Plus?

No, our maintenance and repair facilities are open to the public.

Can I have a ride home?

Yes, our shuttle service is complimentary and available during business hours. We can drop you off and pick you up at your home or work.

Can I use the Maintenance plan on more than one car?

The $99 plan is good for only one vehicle, this way your AAA Car Care Plus® service advisor can keep a detailed history and all you have to do is make an appointment.  There is no limit on the number of plans you can purchase.

What is the timeframe for the Annual Plan?

The one-year service term begins the first time you use the plan—not the date that it was purchased.  For example if you purchase a plan today and redeem your first oil change next month, the one year time frame begins next month on the date of your first service.

What if I don’t use all of my Annual Maintenance Plan services?

Annual Maintenance Plan services don’t carry over, which is why AAA Car Care Plus® service advisors will only recommend purchasing the plan if it benefits you, according to your driving behavior and needs. We also suggest scheduling your next Car Care Plus appointment at each visit, and we’ll send you an email reminder. You can always change the date and time as it gets closer to your appointment.

Do you automatically fill my tires with Nitrogen?

If they are currently inflated with air, please request a nitrogen fill then we’ll ensure that you have the proper tire pressure each visit.

How often can I have my Battery or Brakes checked?

As often as you like, these safety checks are unlimited.  Your service adviser can recommend an appropriate interval according to your vehicle and driving behavior.

I am not a AAA member. Can I still purchase the Annual Maintenance Plan?

No. The Annual Maintenance plan is an exclusive offer for AAA members. Learn more about this and other AAA Member Benefits—and join today.

Can you provide me with a list of the AAA branch office and Car Care Plus locations?

Browse our list of AAA Travel & Insurance Centers and Car Care Plus® facilities. You will also find phone numbers, hours of operation, and a cross-streets map.

Insurance - Life

Why do I need life insurance coverage?

Life insurance is intended to provide financial security for your loved ones in the event of your passing. Trust AAA to guide you in the process of selecting the right coverage to protect your family.

How much coverage do I need?

AAA Life Insurance helps ensure that your family is protected financially in your absence. The amount of coverage you need can vary. It is important to consider a wide range of factors that may or may not apply to your situation. Here are some examples:

What type of life insurance coverage do I need?

AAA offers a wide range of life insurance products. Each individual situation is different. You should plan to spend some time meeting with one of AAA’s licensed agents to review your needs. Technical Assistance

How do I log out of my online account?

If you are logged in already, please click the "logout" link at the top of any page. If you are not logged in, you will need to take no action, the link will read "login".

You may also use this link: Logout Now

Financial Services

What investment and/or banking services does AAA provide?

AAA Financial Services offers CDs, Money Market Deposit Accounts, IRAs, foreign currency, pre-paid Visa cards, and more. AAA also offers a selection of credit cards.

Learn More about AAA Financial Services

Emergency Roadside Assistance & Automotive

Can I check the status of an existing emergency Roadside Assistance call?

Yes, you may check the status of your call by visiting your Roadside Assistance queue on You may be asked to login.

How do I get Emergency Road Service if my car is disabled?

If you need emergency road service in the US or Canada, call (800) 222-4357, or you can request service online.

When the tow truck arrives they may request to see your AAA card. If you don't have it with you, call us anyway—we will verify that you are a Member.

Will my RV or motorcycle be covered by AAA?

For vehicles with more or fewer than four wheels (larger motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, and motorcycles), AAA offers an additional membership rider for Plus or Premier memberships to cover recreational vehicles and motorcycles.
Compare membership levels

How do I apply for a reimbursement of my out-of-pocket towing expenses?

You should submit your towing or road service receipts, a brief description of the incident, your mailing address, and your membership number to the following address:

AAA Western & Central New York
c/o Towing Reimbursement
100 International Drive
Buffalo, NY 14221

Reimbursement is not guaranteed and may be limited.

What is Battery Service? I thought jump-starts were already one of my AAA member benefits.

AAA has always provided jump-starts as a part of Roadside Assistance. With our new Battery Service, AAA Battery Service van is dispatched right away whenever a AAA member calls for assistance in selected areas and the problem is believed to be battery related. Upon arrival, a trained AAA technician, equipped with a unique diagnostic tool called the Auto Tester, will check your battery. If the battery needs to be replaced, the technician CAN SELL AND INSTALL one on the spot.

Driver Training

Do I still have to pay NYS the driver assessment fee, if I have taken the Driver Improvement course and reduced the points on my license?

Yes. An accident prevention course and point reduction do not affect a driver responsibility assessment. Please visit for more information.

Does AAA send my completion certificate directly to my automobile insurance company?

No. You must contact your insurance company and supply your certificate to them for insurance reduction benefits.

What happens if I am unable to attend the class that I was registered for?

Please call (800) 836-2582 or email us at to cancel or reschedule a class. Cancellation fees may apply.

Do you hold any classes offsite for groups or companies? If so, can we book you to come to our site and hold a class?

Yes. We can accommodate offsite groups of approximately 18 or more. A discounted corporate or group rate would also apply. Email us with your information at for more details.

Can a husband and wife BOTH take the course and BOTH receive the 10% discount, if they have two vehicles insured on the same policy?

Generally yes, though some insurance companies will only discount the primary driver on each vehicle.

Are AAA's classroom and online Defensive Driving courses approved by the DMV for insurance discounts and point reduction?

Yes. AAA Defensive Driving courses are approved by the DMV for insurance discounts and point reduction. Please visit: for more information.

I misplaced the completion certificate from my Defensive Driving class. How can I get a copy?

If you have lost your completion certificate for an online course, please call (877) 476-1254. For classroom courses, please call (800) 836-2582.

NOCO 10¢ Program

Are there any fees to enroll in or use AAA Pay?

No. There is no fee to enroll in AAA Pay. Neither AAA nor National Payment Card Association charges for use of your AAA card. However, your bank may charge fees relating to the ACH withdrawal of money from your checking account. Check with your bank for specific details.

What are the usage limits on my AAA Pay card?

The limits for use of your AAA Pay card are as follows:
  • $75–$100 per transaction (determined by merchant)
  • 4 transactions per day
  • $150 daily amount
  • 10 transactions per week
  • $500 weekly amount

My AAA Pay card isn’t working at the pump or in the store. What can I do?

Please call AAA at (800) 836-2582 and we will investigate the problem.

I lost my AAA Pay card. What do I do?

To change your PIN, please call National Payment Card Association at (877) 403-2222. To get a new membership card, please call AAA at (800) 836-2582.

The magnetic stripe on my AAA Pay card is worn and doesn't work. What do I do?

You can order a new AAA Pay card or AAA member card by calling (800) 836-2582.

How do I change my AAA Pay card PIN?

You can change your PIN by logging into our website at You will need to click on your card number, then select the "Update My PIN" option.

Can I have multiple AAA Pay cards using the same checking account?

Yes. Simply call National Payment Card Association at (877) 403-2222 to have the additional card added to your AAA Pay account. You will need the entire 16-digit AAA card number that you’d like to add when you call.

Why is an email address required to enroll in AAA Pay?

National Payment Card Association relies heavily on email communication to all AAA Pay customers. Your email address becomes your login to manage your account with National Payment Card Association. An email address is also required to provide you with the ability to make updates to your account information, review your transactions, and retrieve and/or change your PIN. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate members who don’t have an email address at this time.

Is my AAA Pay enrollment and banking information secure?

The security of your data is very important to us. National Payment Card Association stores all of your banking data. None of your bank information is shared with AAA, or any other third party, and we do not have access to it.

I entered my AAA member number on the login page, but then a different number appears in My Account. Is this correct?

Yes. Our new AAA Pay program requires card numbers to begin with 620 instead of 429, so we have automatically updated all AAA member numbers. Your old and new numbers are linked, so you can still login to My Account with your old number. Since AAA's system still recognizes both numbers, you can still use your old member card to obtain all eligible AAA services and discounts. However, the new card with the new number is required in order to take advantage of the NOCO Express 10¢ discount.

How is my AAA Pay card used for payment?

The National Payment Card Association has patent-pending technology that enables you to link your checking account and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your payment card, so that you can pay for goods and services at participating businesses.

My bank card works like a credit card and a debit card. Will any fees be charged to use my AAA Pay card?

AAA Pay is unrelated to your debit or credit card—it works like an electronic check, taking payment directly from your checking account. Neither AAA nor National Payment Card Association charges for use of AAA Pay. However, your bank may charge fees relating to the ACH withdrawal of money from your checking account. Check with your bank for specific details.

How will I collect rewards points and earn NOCO gift cards when I use my AAA Pay card?

Rewards points earned can be found on each receipt. When enough points are accumulated to earn a gift card, please go into a NOCO Express to get the card. The minimum number of points for a gift card is 5,000.

What is the National Payment Card Association?

The National Payment Card Association is a private payment processing company. AAA and NOCO have contracted with National Payment Card to operate AAA Pay. We have entrusted National Payment Card to provide payment services in the same way we rely upon Visa and MasterCard.

Why do you need my driver's license information?

We want to provide you with a convenient way of paying for gas at a lesser price, as well as other items inside the store. It is important to recognize that you are issuing an electronic check when you use the AAA Pay card for payment. This is no different than writing a check at the supermarket and being asked to show your driver's license as an ID.

Why use your AAA Pay card rather than a regular debit card?

Debit and credit cards are forms of payment that carry large merchant fees from the banking and credit card industry. These charges are transparent to the consumer. However, these charges limit the ability of NOCO to pass rewards directly to you.

How are you able to reward me for using my AAA Pay card?

When you choose to use AAA Pay, the merchant is able to pass the rewards on to you. Retailers operate on low margins, and a high cost of their operation is the credit card merchant fees. When you use a credit card at the station, the merchant pays about 2% of the amount you spend to the credit card company. That is expensive for the retailer.

What is an ACH debit transaction?

  • Direct deposit of payroll, tax refunds, Social Security, and other government benefits.
  • Direct payment of consumer bills such as mortgages, loans, utility bills, and insurance premiums.
  • Business-to-business payments.
  • Electronic checks.
  • E-commerce payments and Federal, state, and local tax payments.
ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide network that provides electronic movement of funds for participating banks.

How long does it take for my AAA Pay card to become active?

Once you have enrolled, the information that you provided will undergo a validation process. This process takes about 3 business days, depending on how quickly your bank posts the small deposit and withdrawal that is part of the verification process. Once you enroll in AAA Pay, you will receive emails from National Payment Card Services that will notify you of your account status and program details, and let you know when any action is needed on your part, every step of the way.

I saw a small deposit of a few cents in my bank account. What is this?

National Payment Card Association validates your enrolled bank account information to ensure that we have the correct account number by submitting a small deposit and withdrawal to your bank account. This "challenge transaction" is a test to confirm the validity of the account. The enrolled card is not activated until this verification process is completed. You will need to know both values to successfully complete the enrollment process.

Where can I use my AAA Membership Card (or my driver's license) as payment?

With AAA Pay, you can use your AAA Membership Card at the pump AND in the store for purchases at any NOCO Express store. Some of NOCO’s in-store Fresh Food partners (such as Charlie the Butcher Express) may also accept your AAA Membership Card as payment, but that varies by location.

Find a NOCO Express Near You

If I conduct a AAA Pay transaction and I do not have sufficient funds in my account, what will happen?

You should not conduct a transaction if you are aware that you do not have sufficient funds to cover the face amount of the transaction. If you do, the transaction will be returned by your bank and your card will be deactivated until you make good on your purchase. NSF transactions also result in a "Return Fee." National Payment Card Association, or assigned agents, will try to electronically collect the face amount of the transaction and the associated Return Fee on two attempts.

Do I get charged by my bank for an ACH transaction when I use my AAA Pay card?

Most banks do not charge for ACH transactions. This is the same method that is currently used for paying mortgage payments, car payments, and any authorized payments from your bank account. It is possible that some banks may charge a monthly fee for such services, so please check with your bank for details. Charges will apply from your bank and from National Payment Card Association if your transaction is returned as NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds). You are responsible for any bank fees associated with using AAA Pay.

Is the User ID for my AAA Pay account the same as my current bank account PIN number?

No. The User ID (PIN) that you select can be any 4-digit number and does not have to be the same as the current PIN that you use with your ATM card or the Web ID to your bank account. It is important to remember your PIN in order to use your AAA Pay account.

How can I make changes to or inquire about my AAA Pay account?

You can login to their website at, or call them at (877) 403-2222.

Insurance - Car

When should I add my teen driver onto my policy?

Most insurance companies, including AAA, want to know when the teen driver receives their permit. The teen is added onto the policy free of charge for six months, or until they receive their driver’s license, whichever comes first.

What happens if my teen driver has an accident while learning to drive?

If your child is operating the car of a licensed driver training company (such as AAA), the company’s insurance will handle any damages. If there is a ticket issued for any motor vehicle violations, it will go onto the driver’s (your child’s) motor vehicle report.

If your child is operating a parent’s vehicle, or a family member’s vehicle, the insurance that covers that automobile will handle the claim (i.e. If teen crashes mom’s car, mom’s insurance policy will cover the accident).

Will my insurance costs increase if I add a teen driver onto my policy?

There are surcharges associated with inexperienced operators for most insurance companies. These surcharges typically apply to drivers with less than three years of driving experience. In most cases, it is cheaper for your teen driver to be added onto your policy instead of getting their own auto insurance policy. Contact your insurance agent prior to your teen receiving their permit so you are not surprised by the increase.

What is No-Fault insurance?

No Fault Insurance is one of the most misunderstood auto insurance coverage forms in New York State. The correct name of the coverage is Personal Injury Protection (PIP). PIP is a mandatory coverage that is included on all New York State Auto Insurance policies. The mandatory minimum coverage limit is $50,000 per person.

What exactly is Comprehensive Insurance coverage on my auto policy?

It’s insurance that covers damage to your vehicle that is not caused by a collision with another vehicle or object. Comprehensive is sometimes referred to in an auto policy as “Other Than Collision” coverage. In addition to covering damage caused by storms and road hazards, it covers your vehicle for theft, flood, fire, vandalism, and other specific perils. Comprehensive coverage is usually sold along with collision insurance. Just as the name implies, collision insurance covers damage to your car resulting from a collision with another car or object, or from your vehicle overturning.

Does taking a defensive driving course reduce my car insurance premium?

The six hour point and insurance reduction course provides a discount on your auto insurance. You save 10% on the collision, liability and no-fault portions of your auto insurance policy. Plus, you can also reduce up to four points on your license.

And the course is now offered online as well. AAA has both classroom and online options – so members can choose what is most convenient for them.

Member Connection - Advertise With Us

How do I advertise in Member Connection magazine?

To inquire about advertising in Member Connection magazine, or inquire about online advertising, discount opportunities, or partnership programs, please send an email to, or call us at (716) 633-9860, ext. 73648.

How do I contact the editor of Member Connection magazine?

To contact the Editor of Member Connection magazine, please send an email to

How can I receive Member Connection magazine?

As an added benefit of AAA membership, Member Connection magazine is delivered by mail four times a year to AAA Western & Central New York primary members. If you are having delivery problems related to the magazine, please call (800) 836-CLUB.

Rehab Driving

What type of equipment does AAA have on their modified cars?

AAA has two different styles of hand controls: spinner knobs and left-sided accelerators.

Does AAA pick me up for lessons or do I need to meet AAA at an office?

AAA will pick you up for the lessons.

Do I need to take another road test if I need hand controls (or other car modifications)?

Yes. You will need to visit your local DMV office to schedule this.

Getting Your License

Would it be possible for an instructor to pick up my son or daughter and take them to their road test?

Yes, AAA offers this service.

I would like my child's school to partner with AAA to provide Driver Education. Where can I get more information?

Please email us at for more information about AAA Driver Education in your child's school.

Fleet/Corporate Services

Do you hold any offsite classes for groups or companies? If so, can we book you to come to our site and hold a class?

Yes. We can accommodate groups at your location for Defensive Driving (minimum 18) and/or other traffic safety related topics or training; special group pricing would apply. Email us your information to

Do your instructors give written evaluations for in-vehicle training?

Yes. We will mail you a detailed report of your employees’ driving abilities.

Vehicle Extended Service Plan

What is the AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan?

Most new vehicles come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers 3 to 4 years/36,000 to 50,000 miles. The AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan protects your vehicle after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Extended coverage is available up to 7 years/230,000 miles. Each coverage plan can be customized to meet the driver’s specific driving habits, in increments of 30 days and 1,000 miles.

Why should I choose a AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan over other mechanical breakdown plans?

Competitively priced, a AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan provides customized coverage and simple claims processing. PLUS you'll save 50% off the deductible when covered repairs are completed at a AAA Approved auto repair facility, and pay no deductible at a AAA Club Owned Repair facility throughout the US and Canada.

Why buy it now? My vehicle still has manufacturer warranty coverage.

As your vehicle ages and mileage increases, the price of coverage also increases; some coverage may even become unavailable. Purchase a AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan today and save in the long-term.

Does a AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan cover parts and labor?

Yes! The AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan covers 100% of all parts and labor associated with the repair of a covered part or component.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! The AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan provides a zero interest payment plan. Minimum 10% down payment required with payment terms up to 24 months.

Disney Cruise FAQ

What documentation do I need to bring?

All U.S. and Canadian citizens must travel with proof of citizenship, which is a valid passport, or certified birth certificate with a picture identification, or a certified naturalization certificate with a picture identification. Acceptable forms of picture identification are state or provincial driver's license with a picture, or federal, state, province or local government photo I.D. card. Children 17 and under who are U.S. or Canadian citizens are only required to have proof of citizenship, excluding picture identification.

Is there children's programming on board?

Of course! Supervised children's programs and activities are available on the ship from 9:00 a.m. to midnight for children ages 3-12. Children must be age 3 and potty trained in order to participate. Children must be able to interact comfortably within our counselor-to-child ratio groups of 1:15 (ages 3-4) and 1:25 (ages 5-12) and within our established age groupings of 3-4, 5-7, 8-9, 10-12. We are unable to provide one-on-one care. A child who shows symptoms of physical illness such as fever, vomiting or diarrhea or who becomes disruptive within the group may be excluded from participation. Parents sign their children in and out of the programs. Events have been designed for teens as well, ages 13-17. Teens do not need to be signed in and out by parents. There is no additional charge for these planned events.

What is "rotational dining"?

Rotational dining is the Disney Cruise Line way of making sure that each Guest experiences each themed dining environment on board. Every evening, you dine with the same tablemates and have the same servers as you "rotate" to one of 3 main restaurants (not all restaurants are on all ships). Guests receive their schedule when they board, which tells them exactly when and where to go. Children's menus are available in the restaurants.

Will we get to see Disney characters on board?

We thought you'd never ask! On board, the beloved Disney characters appear like magic in an array of different settings including lively stage shows, plenty of meet and greet and photo opportunities, and other special programs, especially in kids' areas at Disney's Oceaneer Club and on Castaway Cay. These are magical moments to remember forever - only on Disney Cruise Line!!

Blue Orbit FAQs

What is Blue Orbit Deals?

Blue Orbit Deals is a mobile app that offers discounts to over 100 locally owned restaurants, available exclusively to members of AAA Western & Central New York. The app includes discounts to restaurants and dining establishments across western and central New York, including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and more.

Who can use the app?

The app is for members of AAA Western and Central New York, who use an Apple or Android operating system on their smart phone. **Note** Anyone can DOWNLOAD the app, however only members of AAA Western and Central New York can log in and get discounts with it.

Is there a charge for the app?

No. The app is free.

How is this different than Discounts and Rewards where I show my AAA card for a discount?

The Blue Orbit Deals app is a whole new way to get discounts and helps us offer a wider variety of partners and offers than the Discounts and Reward program. In addition, the partner's in the Blue Orbit Deals app are more local businesses who are reaching out to member's in your area.

Can I use my AAA membership card instead?

No, the offers are only valid when using the Blue Orbit Deals app.

Where can I find a list of restaurants?

Visit the Blue Orbit Deals Locations page and the app has them as well, where they are sorted based on your location. In addition, look for window stickers that feather "Blue Orbit Deals and AAA Western and Central New York.”

What are the offers?

Each merchant offers a unique discount of their choice. The most common offers are $5 off a purchase of $20, $10 off a purchase of $40, and 10% off total purchase. Some restaurants may even offer a free dessert. Merchants may apply restrictions or limitations to their offer.

How are the offers redeemed?

Members can redeem an offer when they have finished dining at a participating merchant. By pressing "Redeem Offer” on a restaurant's profile, Blue Orbit Deals will prompt users to enter the total amount of their bill into the app, and in turn, they will receive a unique redemption code. The user will write the code at the top of their receipt, and the discount will be removed by the server, cashier, or appropriate restaurant employee.

How many times can the offer be redeemed?

There is no limit to the amount of times a user can redeem an offer.

Do the offers in the app have cash value?

No, none of the offers in Blue Orbit Deals have any cash value. Do the offers change? Merchants may choose to change their offer (never less than a 10% discount), or may stop participating altogether at any time.

Can the offer be used in combination with other discounts?

No, the offer may not be used with other discounts, coupons, gift certificates, or offers.

Can parties of multiple members use multiple Blue Orbit Deals discounts at the same time?

Yes, but separate checks may be required. Please check with the restaurant prior to group-use.

What if a merchant refuses to accept the discount listed in Blue Orbit Deals?

Please let us know! We will follow up directly with the restaurant.

What if a merchant goes out of business?

The offer will no longer be available and will be removed from Blue Orbit Deals. The good news is that we are always adding more merchants and deals to the app.

What if I have a suggestion on a new restaurant?

We'd love to hear them. Please give us a call! Thank you for thinking of AAA!

Membership Terms and Conditions

Download the Membership Terms and Conditions.

Below are the Terms and Conditions to AAA Membership. Click the plus symbol next to each selection to expand.

Please contact AAA Member Services at 1 (800) 836-2582 or email with any questions.

Your AAA Membership Coverage

Your membership doesn’t just cover one car. Your membership covers you, in any eligible vehicle you are driving or a passenger, if that vehicle becomes disabled.

You should carry your card with you at all times. The first person in a household who joins the Club is referred to as the Primary Member. Other members in your household are not eligible to use your card, but they can be added to your membership at a discounted Associate Member rate. A separate membership card will be issued for each person. Associate Members must carry the same coverage, either AAA Basic, AAA Plus, AAA Premier, as the Primary Member. Optional RV benefits also cover every member on the membership.

Adding Extended Benefits

Members may upgrade to AAA Plus or AAA Premier at a pro-rated amount based on the membership’s expiry. Please see the comparison chart in Your Guide To AAA Services booklet to compare memberships.

Scope of Service

When your vehicle cannot be made operable upon providing the services listed in Your Guide To AAA Services booklet, we will assist you in finding the nearest open place of repair. If a repair facility cannot be located, we will assist you in locating lodging or alternative transportation, at your expense.

Under your membership, Emergency Roadside Assistance will be provided without charge from the nearest available AAA contract facility. Your service call will include AAA’s operator/truck traveling to the disabled vehicle, where the service operator will attempt to make your vehicle operable.

A Service Fee, in addition to standard membership dues, will be assessed for New or Past Due members in need of roadside assistance at the time of enrollment. Charges for service that exceed the benefits listed will be at prevailing hourly or mileage rate of the region where service is provided. Payment is due at the time of service by cash, check or credit card.

Extended service – AAA Plus, AAA Premier and AAA RV services – begins 7 days after enrollment or upgrade. Roadside Assistance is provided by AAA owned fleets as well as a nationwide network of independent contractors. We welcome comments concerning your experience and will work with you to resolve any concerns. Call us 24/7 at 1-800-AAA-HELP.

Eligible Vehicles

Service applies to all properly licensed four-wheeled motor vehicles of the passenger, pleasure or recreational type (vans, campers and motor homes) regardless of license plate designation--if those services can be safely delivered.

Dual-wheeled campers/motor homes are eligible for all services except towing, extrication/winching and tire service. Dual-wheeled unloaded pickup trucks are eligible for all services. Dual-wheeled vans, utility, boat and snowmobile trailers are not eligible for service. Rented passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles are eligible for service, with the exception of taxi cabs and limousines.

AAA Plus/RV® and AAA Premier/RV® members receive extended vehicle coverage for all services to include motorcycles, motor homes, pickup trucks with campers, and 5th wheel travel trailers.

Optional RV Coverage

The AAA RV Rider is an optional benefit that can be added, for a fee, to AAA Plus or AAA Premier. The RV Rider extends present ERS benefits to recreational vehicles for all services to include motorcycles, all motor homes, pickup trucks with campers, travel trailers and 5th wheel travel trailers.

AAA RV benefits are effective 7 days after enrollment or upgrade to the extended service. RV calls are taken from the 4 calls allotted to AAA Plus or AAA Premier Membership. RV coverage applies to all members on the account that carries the RV Rider. Service will not be rendered to breakdowns occurring prior to enrollment in the AAA RV Rider.

ERS Call Allowance

In an effort to increase the quality of AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance and decrease delays, each member will be entitled to a maximum of four free service calls per year. After the four free calls, there will be a surcharge payable at the time of service. AAA Plus, Plus/RV®, Premier and Premier/RV® benefits cease after the fourth service call.

RV calls are counted against the 4 calls allotted to Plus or Premier membership.

How to Obtain Emergency Roadside Assistance

Emergency Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by calling 1-800-222-4357 (1-800-AAA-HELP). You may also place your service request or check the status of your service request by visiting For those members who have a hearing impairment and use a TTY device or relay service, please refer to the phone numbers on the back cover of Your Guide To AAA Services booklet. Some cellular phone users may dial *AAA or *AAA1 for a free call (check with your carrier).

Service will be provided to any member driving or riding in an eligible vehicle when it becomes disabled.

When you place your call, please give all information asked for by the operator. Be prepared to give your name, address, membership number, vehicle description, location of vehicle and probable trouble. This information is required for us to properly service you. If you have a physical disability that requires special transportation or needs please let us know at the time of call placement.

When the service provider arrives, you will be requested to present your driver’s license or other photo ID and a valid membership card in order to obtain service.

Mechanical Adjustments

Minor/temporary adjustments will be made in an attempt to enable your vehicle to operate safely under its own power. If these attempts are unsuccessful after a reasonable effort by the service provider, the towing provision will apply.

Tire Change

Your spare will be installed to replace a at tire. For safety reasons, the rim should be free of rust and the tire inflated and serviceable. Dual wheels are excluded for Basic service. Dual wheel recreational vehicles are covered with the RV Rider, on your existing Plus or Premier membership. If the spare cannot be safely installed, the towing provision will apply.

Battery Service

A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start your vehicle. All inclusive mobile battery testing and replacement service (at a member discounted rate) is also available to members in many areas. Please contact us for additional information.

Fuel Delivery

A limited supply of fuel will be delivered to your disabled vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest service station. Specific brands, octane ratings, or blends, cannot be promised. AAA Basic® Members will be charged the current pump price for the fuel.

AAA Plus, and AAA Premier provide, at no additional cost, a suf cient amount of fuel to enable you to reach the nearest service station.

Locksmith Service

If your keys are locked inside the vehicle, service will be sent to gain entrance. If the key that operates or provides access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle is lost or broken or the service provider cannot gain entrance to your vehicle, locksmith service up to $50 or reimbursement for commercial locksmith service up to $50 will be provided. In cases where the vehicle cannot be made operable, towing services will be provided in accordance with the towing provision.

AAA Plus and AAA Premier provide added coverage or reimbursement up to $100 in parts and labor for locksmith service if such service is required to unlock your vehicle or make it operable.

AAA Premier provides home lockout reimbursement service, in the event you need to gain entry into your primary residence.


Your vehicle will be extricated/winched when it can be safely reached from a normally traveled or established and maintained thoroughfare. If special equipment, more than one truck or more than one person is required, the associated costs may be at your expense.

AAA Plus and AAA Premier provide coverage to include the delivery of services by a second truck and operator for one hour at the scene.

Towing Services

When your vehicle cannot be safely driven after attempting any of the listed emergency services, your vehicle will be towed to the AAA facility rendering the service or a maximum of five miles in any direction from the point of disablement at no charge. In instances when your vehicle becomes disabled while towing, a light-duty trailer, service will be provided for the trailer (excludes fifth-wheel trailers). You will be required to pay for trailer towing. Flatbed service may require an additional fee if it is requested but not required. Towing is limited to one tow per breakdown. Tows exceeding the allowed mileage will pay a discounted rate for each additional mile, payable at the time of service.

AAA Plus provides up to 100 miles of free towing in any direction from the point of disablement to the destination of your choice. AAA Premier provides up to 200 miles of towing on one of your four allowable service calls, and up to 100 miles of towing on the three remaining allowable calls.

Canceling Calls

If your car starts or you remedy your problem before the service provider arrives, please call to cancel your request so service can be expedited for others and to assure the call won’t count as one of your 4 yearly service calls.

When Services Do Not Apply

Emergency Roadside Assistance will not be rendered to any vehicle when towing is requested other than for mechanical breakdown or accidents. Proper vehicle registration and licensing is required to provide service.

Unavoidable Delays

Because of our geographic location, calls for service can number well over 3,000 per day on especially severe weather days, with every piece of equipment in use around the clock. In these circumstances, long delays cannot be avoided. We appreciate your patience and assure you that you will receive service as quickly as possible.

Alternate Service

If you have followed the procedure outlined to obtain roadside assistance and AAA service is not available or AAA contractor access is restricted (toll roads, limited-access highways), the Club will provide reimbursement for covered services at the prevailing commercial rate for the region, based on your level of membership. Full reimbursement for covered services will be provided for police-ordered tows and where AAA access is legally restricted. Storage fees will not be reimbursed.

If AAA service was available but not requested, reimbursement may be limited to the amount the Club would normally have paid for the covered service.

You must submit the original receipt within sixty days of service for consideration. The Club may adjust or deny reimbursement for service provided by individuals or companies not normally engaged in providing roadside assistance.

Call (800) 836-2582 or visit to obtain a reimbursement form. For reimbursement consideration, complete the form and send it, along with receipts to: ERS Reimbursements,100 International Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221.

Stay with Your Vehicle

You should remain at or near your vehicle to receive service. Unattended vehicles cannot be put in running order, since they may be stolen or need additional starting if the engine is turned off. Of course, exceptions will be made in extenuating circumstances.


If you do not feel safe, let our call receiver know. We will notify the proper authorities and expedite your service.

Emergency Repair Payment Acceptance

Your personal check, valid credit or debit card will be accepted by AAA facilities providing emergency road services or repairs for AAA members, up to $250. If a facility cannot accept a credit or debit card for any reason, AAA will process the transaction on your behalf. PIN-only debit cards are not accepted. A valid membership card and identification must be presented at the time of payment. The name on the check must match the member name and be drawn on a US bank.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Membership

Members must enroll at Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Bonus Points will be provided to member’s account up to 4 weeks from the first Gold rental return. Gold profile and reservation must include your AAA/Hertz CDP# 84. Only paid rentals of $25 or more will qualify for this promotion.

Premier Travel Discount

The Premier Travel Discount provides one discount of $25, $50, or $100 per membership year, per household. One discount per trip on tour, cruise, or group packages booked through AAA. Automatic void of benefits upon downgrade. Membership must be at Premier status at time of travel booking. Not valid on purchase of airline tickets. Discount must be redeemed through AAA Western and Central New York and is not available with online bookings. Discount cannot be combined with any other discount program or travel coupons.

Premier Complimentary 1-Day Rental Car

AAA Premier provides a full size rental car for one day per membership year in the event of a breakdown within the WCNY area. Members are required to contact AAA in the event of a roadside service issue to provide service. Rentals taking place outside the WCNY area are reimbursable with receipt and proof of tow. Upon determination that a tow is required, AAA WCNY will contact Enterprise on the member’s behalf for the rental to qualify for this membership benefit.

Liability Protection:

  • Premier Members will be required to protect themselves, Enterprise and AAA WCNY from liability exposure. Liability will be carried by, and maintained at the member’s expense on their personal auto policy or by purchasing supplemental coverage from Enterprise. The member assumes full financial responsibility for damage or loss to the rental vehicle.
  • In the event that the rental term exceeds one day (portion covered by AAA Premier Program) the member will be responsible for the cost of the rental for any time period beyond the first day, including all liability/ collision/comprehensive protection.
  • Vehicles under these terms will be available at any Enterprise location in Western or Central New York during regular business hours. After business hours, reservations may be made in order to acquire a vehicle immediately the next business today. Members may upgrade the vehicle at their own expense. AAA is not responsible for Enterprise hours of operation, locations, inventory or service.
  • This offer is available to renters/members ages 25 and up with a valid credit card in their name. Those under age 25 are subject to surcharges payable to Enterprise.
  • Arrangements can also be made directly with Enterprise for renters who do not possess a credit card in their name.

Premier Used Car History Info

Premier members receive up to two free vehicle history “Car Fax” reports per membership year.

Premier Accident Assist

Premier members receive help contacting family members, locating accommodations/restaurants out of town following an accident or breakdown.

Premier Home Lockout Service

AAA will reimburse the cost of gaining entry to the Premier member’s home, up to $100. Proof of residency required, one covered use of benefit per membership year.

Trip Interruption Protection

In the event an auto trip* is delayed or canceled due to mechanical disablement, a collision causing disablement or theft of your eligible vehicle, AAA Plus and AAA Premier provides reimbursement for food and lodging or a car rental.* At the member’s option, a rental car can be secured to continue the trip or return home or seek temporary lodging and food while waiting for repairs not both.

All coverages cease upon returning home. Coverage for food and lodging ceases when vehicle is repaired. Members must provide dated, itemized receipts and proof of disablement for reimbursement consideration. Miscellaneous expenses, such as telephone charges and car rental insurance options, are not covered. One claim allowed per incident. Delays due to extreme weather conditions are not reimbursable in the absence of specific mechanical failure. Food/Lodging receipts must be for establishments in the same vicinity as the breakdown. Note: AAA Plus and AAA Premier service will not be rendered for pre-existing breakdowns.

*Definition of Auto Trip: Travel beyond 50 miles from permanent and alternate residence with a qualified disablement involving an overnight delay.

*AAA Plus membership provides an allowance of up to $350.

*AAA Premier membership provides an allowance of up to $1500.

To obtain a Trip Interruption Claim form contact AAA Member Services at 1 (800) 836-2582.

Membership Refund Policy

Members will receive a refund if the membership is canceled within thirty days of the renewal date or join date. Entrance fees will not be refunded. If road service, travel, or attraction discounts are used, the cost of service or discount will be deducted from the refund.

Automatic Dues Renewal

Authorize your AAA dues to be charged annually or monthly to your AAA Visa or another credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) to prevent any lapse in your membership coverage.

The Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) allows eligible members to pay for their annual membership via 12 monthly payments. Members wishing to enroll in MPP must sign up for Automatic Dues Renewal with a valid credit/debit card during the billing period. The members’ credit/ debit card will be automatically charged each month and will include a $1 processing fee for each payment processed. Some restrictions may apply. See for more specific information, details and requirements.

Membership Review

AAA Western and Central New York is a not-for-profit organization. With annual membership dues funding member services, it is the responsibility of the organization to periodically review individual member expenses in order to maintain reasonable membership dues for all members.

During review, memberships that have service expenses significantly exceeding generated revenue could be reduced to the Basic level of membership the next membership year. When these members have exceeded the four allowable calls under AAA membership, they will be subject to increased surcharge fees when purchasing additional roadside calls and service fees -in addition to membership dues- when adding associate members onto their accounts.

Membership Renewal

If payment is late and received within 90 days after the due date, the original expiration date of your membership will not be changed, unless you request otherwise. If requested, the revised membership will commence upon payment and will expire the following year on the last day of the month in which payment was received. In that event, an entrance fee will apply. Your membership tenure will not be affected.

Hit-Run Reward

The club offers a $500 reward for civilian information leading to the arrest and conviction of hit-run drivers in cases where personal injury or death is involved. This is one more effort the Club makes to promote safety on streets and highways.

Anti-Theft Reward

Your club pays a $500 reward for civilian information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone, anywhere stealing a member’s car. This protection discourages professional thieves from stealing a member’s car.

Service Comments

It is our goal to make your AAA membership invaluable. Certain benefits may vary from Club to Club. Any comments you may have will enable us to continually improve our services.

Please address your comments to: AAA Western and Central NewYork, Member Relations Department, 100 International Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221, or call 1 (800) 836-2582 to speak to a representative.

Code of Conduct

AAA Western and Central New York is a member organization that proudly relies upon the partnership between our members and our associates. As a place of business, we expect both parties to communicate in a professional and courteous manner and cannot accommodate disruptive and unprofessional behavior toward our associates or other members. Utilizing AAA membership in a fraudulent manner will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right to cancel membership in instances of such behavior or suspected fraudulent conduct, without obligation to refund any remaining months of membership to expiry.

AAA Insurance

Discounts vary based upon eligibility. Discounts are not cumulative. AAA Insurance is offered exclusively by AAA Members Insurance Agency of Western and Central New York Inc. AAA Insurance is underwritten by CSAA Fire & Casualty Insurance Company, Indianapolis, IN and CSAA General Insurance Company, Walnut Creek, CA. Both companies are members of CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer. © 2015 AAA Western and Central New York. All rights reserved.

AAA Member Rewards Visa® Card

For information about rates, fees, other costs and benefits associated with the use of this credit card, or to apply, see a AAA representative and refer to the disclosures accompanying the application.

This credit card program is issued and administered by Bank of America, N.A. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and is used by the issuer pursuant to license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. ©2017 Bank of America Corporation ©2017 AAA

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