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(Certain exclusions apply)

Save 10% on most auto parts and accessories at participating NAPA Auto Parts stores
in the United States."Certain exclusions apply."
  • Antifreeze, Chemicals (including car appearance products such as waxes and polishes)*
  • Battery Chargers*
  • Briggs & Stratton Engine Parts*
  • Engine Heaters*
  • Engines, Transmissions, Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts*
  • Fluids - Hydraulic, Transmission, Brake, Gear Oil*
  • Industrial Belts*
  • Paint*
  • Remanufactured Computers*
  • Remanufactured CV Shafts*
  • Spark Plugs*
  • Special Order (Mfr Direct) Items**
  • Tools and Equipment*
  • Welding Supplies*

These items are set at NAPA "everyday low price" for all customers.**Special Order: (Mfr Direct) items may also include shipping/handling fees.

Restrictions apply. ***Valid at most participating Napa Locations.*** Please see a NAPA representative for more information before purchase.


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Restrictions & Conditions

Offer excludes Antifreeze, chemicals*, battery chargers*, Briggs & Stratton engine parts*, engine heaters*, engines, transmissions, cylinder heads, crankshafts*, fluids -(hydraulic, transmission, brake, gear oil*, industrial belts*, paint*, remanufactured computers*, remanufactured CV shafts*, spark plugs*, Special Order (Mfr Direct) Items**, tools and equipment* and welding supplies*

* These items are set at our"everyday low price" for all customers.

**Special Order (Mfr Direct) items may also include shipping/handling fees