Lifetime Service Center

Lifetime Service Center

Discover the art of electronics repair

Save 10% or more off repairs for iPods, iPads, tablets, appliances, A/V equipment, and LCD TVs

The Lifetime Service Center is a 70,000 square foot independent service center facilitating complete reverse logistic and fulfillment services to the electronics industry. Our experienced technicians and exceptional customer service staff provide manufacturers and their customers with the best possible return or repair experience.

The Lifetime Service Center can handle your electronic entertainment repairs, including: appliances, LCD TVs, DVD players, stereo receivers, camcorders, digital cameras, car and home audio, video game consoles,tablets, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Zunes, Samsung, Sony, and more.

When your equipment lets you down, Lifetime Service Center gets you functioning again quickly. AAA members save a minimum of 10% off all repairs. Lifetime Service also offers weekly AAA member specials with up to 40% savings. Call toll free at (800) 447-0092 for more information.