AAA leads the way to the future

AAA Car Care Plus is proud to announce the unveiling of two of the first electric vehicle charging stations in western New York.

Located at both Buffalo branches of Car Care Plus, AAA charging stations are universal in application, so an owner of a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or Toyota Prius can all equally take advantage of the service.

  • Electric vehicle charging is FREE and available 24/7
  • No appointment is needed
  • Service is available for members and non-AAA members

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Do I have to be a member of AAA to use Car Care Plus?

No, our maintenance and repair facilities are open to the public.

Can I have a ride home?

Yes, our shuttle service is complimentary and available during business hours. We can drop you off and pick you up at your home or work.

Can I use the Maintenance plan on more than one car?

The $99 plan is good for only one vehicle, this way your AAA Car Care Plus® service advisor can keep a detailed history and all you have to do is make an appointment.  There is no limit on the number of plans you can purchase.

What is the timeframe for the Annual Plan?

The one-year service term begins the first time you use the plan—not the date that it was purchased.  For example if you purchase a plan today and redeem your first oil change next month, the one year time frame begins next month on the date of your first service.

What if I don’t use all of my Annual Maintenance Plan services?

Annual Maintenance Plan services don’t carry over, which is why AAA Car Care Plus® service advisors will only recommend purchasing the plan if it benefits you, according to your driving behavior and needs. We also suggest scheduling your next Car Care Plus appointment at each visit, and we’ll send you an email reminder. You can always change the date and time as it gets closer to your appointment.

Do you automatically fill my tires with Nitrogen?

If they are currently inflated with air, please request a nitrogen fill then we’ll ensure that you have the proper tire pressure each visit.

How often can I have my Battery or Brakes checked?

As often as you like, these safety checks are unlimited.  Your service adviser can recommend an appropriate interval according to your vehicle and driving behavior.

I am not a AAA member. Can I still purchase the Annual Maintenance Plan?

No. The Annual Maintenance plan is an exclusive offer for AAA members. Learn more about this and other AAA Member Benefits—and join today.

Can you provide me with a list of the AAA branch office and Car Care Plus locations?

Browse our list of AAA Travel & Insurance Centers and Car Care Plus® facilities. You will also find phone numbers, hours of operation, and a cross-streets map.