New benefits. New savings.

Discover all the ways AAA can help with your car every day - no breakdown required. It's a new way to use your AAA membership. It's a new way to AAA.

You can now save money on everyday services like oil changes and tire rotations at local shops that have earned the AAA seal of approval. And, if your car needs a repair, you'll save money on that, too.
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We'll come right to your home and test your car's battery. If it needs to be replaced, we can install a new one on the spot, and you'll save $25 on the battery. BONUS: Testing, delivery and installation are all free.
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No need to worry about that expensive repair bill. With coverage available up to 230,000 miles, this plan is like having health insurance for your car.
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We'll help you save money on your next car. (Members have saved an average of $3,221 off MSRP!*) Plus you'll enjoy a hassle-free buying experience with a network of prescreened, Certified Dealers.
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Car washes, parts & accessories, rental cars and even shelters for your car: Check out all the ways you can use the member discounts program to save on everything you need for your car.
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Use the AAA Fuel Price Finder to search by city/state or zip code, or simply enter a zip code below to compare gas prices at stations in your area.
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Before They Start Driving. Before your teen begins to drive, get the information you need about driver education, licensing, insurance, risks and responsibilities.
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Can I check the status of an existing emergency Roadside Assistance call?

Yes, you may check the status of your call by visiting your Roadside Assistance queue on You may be asked to login.

How do I get Emergency Road Service if my car is disabled?

If you need emergency road service in the US or Canada, call (800) 222-4357, or you can request service online.

When the tow truck arrives they may request to see your AAA card. If you don't have it with you, call us anyway—we will verify that you are a Member.

Will my RV or motorcycle be covered by AAA?

For vehicles with more or fewer than four wheels (larger motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, and motorcycles), AAA offers an additional membership rider for Plus or Premier memberships to cover recreational vehicles and motorcycles.
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How do I apply for a reimbursement of my out-of-pocket towing expenses?

You should submit your towing or road service receipts, a brief description of the incident, your mailing address, and your membership number to the following address:

AAA Western & Central New York
c/o Towing Reimbursement
100 International Drive
Buffalo, NY 14221

Reimbursement is not guaranteed and may be limited.

What is Battery Service? I thought jump-starts were already one of my AAA member benefits.

AAA has always provided jump-starts as a part of Roadside Assistance. With our new Battery Service, AAA Battery Service van is dispatched right away whenever a AAA member calls for assistance in selected areas and the problem is believed to be battery related. Upon arrival, a trained AAA technician, equipped with a unique diagnostic tool called the Auto Tester, will check your battery. If the battery needs to be replaced, the technician CAN SELL AND INSTALL one on the spot.