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The Member Connection Blog is here to provide advice, tips, off-the-beaten path ideas, savings, and to gab about travel and attractions that Western and Central New Yorkers love.


Things to do in Cape Cod

Kim Foley MacKinnon
Beaches, beautiful gardens and bountiful vineyards await. Learn about all the fun things to do in Cape Cod with our Top 10 list.

Our Region's Top-Rated Hotels & Restaurants

Lindsay Kensy

Online reviews for hotels and restaurants are great and all, but did you know AAA has used professional inspectors to conduct in-person property evaluations for more than 80 years?!

TOP Reasons to Love Japan

Tae Kim
Why this bucket-list destination is well worth the journey to the other side of the world...

Seven Alaskan Animals You Never Thought You'd See

Insight Vacations

There’s more to Alaska’s natural beauty than mountains, forests and glaciers. Hiding within these habitats are some of the world’s most incredible animals.

Replace Your Peeling Plates for FREE

Laura Wahler

The printed coating on some older New York state license plates may be peeling off the metal plates.

You survived Winter...

Lindsay Kensy
We all know what a toll winter weather can take on a vehicle - we're New Yorkers! The question is, how do we give our cars a little TLC after the snow is over?

At Home with AAA

Laura Wahler
You already know AAA can help with your car. Check out all these ways AAA can help you save money at home, too.

Technicians Battle Snow, Ice and More to Keep AAA Members Moving During Winter Storm

Kip Doyle

Test Your Battery For Free: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Kip Doyle

A surprise dead car battery can cost you and your family more than just time. If you have a job interview, business trip or flight scheduled, that dead battery could end up costing you serious money.

Keyless Entry Systems Are Convenient, But Come With Risks

Kip Doyle

Keyless entry systems are very common in today’s cars, but they aren’t entirely new. Debuting in the 1980s, “keyless entry” originally referred to a keypad used to enter a code that allowed the car’s doors to unlock.