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The Member Connection Blog is here to provide advice, tips, off-the-beaten path ideas, savings, and to gab about travel and attractions that Western and Central New Yorkers love.


Tour de Force: Disneyland Brings Star Wars to Life

Jim Benning
The moment I spot the Millennium Falcon, I’m the 6-year-old at Josh Blaustein’s Star Wars–themed birthday party in 1977, eyes glued to the big screen, popcorn in hand, mouth agape.

AAA Greece has a New Home

Laura Wahler

AAA’s Greece office has moved one mile down the road from its current location to 2589 W. Ridge Road.

Young Graduates: Put Them on the Road to Success

Laura Wahler

It's practical, it's affordable, and it will offer you peace of mind knowing that your graduate can rely on AAA wherever they go.

Ready to Ride? Know Your New York State Motorcycle Law

Kip Doyle

There may be no better way to enjoy the freedom of the open road than on a motorcycle, but operating a motorcycle requires specific licensing and adherence to New York State motorcycle law. 

Eating (and More!) on The Big Island

Laura Piazza

The Big Island is a fascinating destination from the moment you land in the Kona airport through every moment of your time on the Big Island.

Millennials: Are You Wrong About Life Insurance?

Kip Doyle

Are younger generations missing the boat on affordable life insurance?

Backyard Adventure: New Ways to Have Fun Outdoors

Kip Doyle

Encouraging outdoor activity is a challenge for parents with the lure of smartphones and video games keeping kids indoors.

Hidden Distractions Behind the Wheel

Lindsay Kensy

You may think using voice-based technology to dial a friend, change music or send a text message while driving is safe.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Kip Doyle
With the arrival of warmer weather, the pleasures of driving are a little easier to enjoy. It's nice not to have to scrape the windshield or to wait for your car to warm up, but that doesn't mean that your car isn't still feeling the impacts of a long, cold winter.

It's Time to Tidy up Your Auto Insurance

Kip Doyle
Could it be? Is the weather finally letting up after a long winter and soggy spring? Let the changing seasons be a reminder that your vehicle's insurance policy might be ready for an update. There may be opportunities for savings and better coverage that you may not be taking advantage of.