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The Member Connection Blog is here to provide advice, tips, off-the-beaten path ideas, savings, and to gab about travel and attractions that Western and Central New Yorkers love.


Chevy Equinox is Pet Friendly and More

Elizabeth Carey

It’s not uncommon to see a Chevy Equinox when driving down the road – I spot them often across New York State and I’ve been curious about how they perform so when I was offered to test drive a 2019 Equinox, I hopped r

School’s Open – Drive Carefully

Anthony B. Spada, President and CEO, AAA Western and Central New York

Disturbingly, a pedestrian is killed every two hours in the United States, on average, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Kim Foley MacKinnon
The self-described largest ballooning event in the world has pretty humble beginnings. It started in 1972 with 13 balloons launched from a mall parking lot. Now, almost 600 balloons launch from the 365-acre Balloon Fiesta Park. Almost 87,000 people attended the 2018 event, according to organizers.

Talking Teen Driver Safety Year-Round

Lindsay Kensy

As shocking as that may seem, and as tragic as it is, the good news is that many teen motor vehicle crashes are preventable.

5 Things to Do in Cayuga County

Lindsay Kensy
Did you know that Cayuga County does not include all of Cayuga Lake? While Cayuga Lake runs from Seneca Falls to Ithaca, Cayuga County reaches from Lake Ontario, past Aurora and even over to Skaneateles Lake. It’s all smack-dab in the middle of the Finger Lakes region (and New York state).

What to do After a Collision

Elizabeth Carey

Imagine that you’re driving down the road and suddenly, without warning, you lose control on slippery pavement and slide off the road after striking a guardrail.

Local Travelers Get an Unexpected (Air) Lift

Elizabeth Carey

When Rochester area natives Bill and Lynda Fleming (pictured left) booked a Viking cruise with AAA Western and Central New York, little did they know that they would end up being dramatically rescued

Jump Start: A Battery of Reasons NOT to 'Do It Yourself'

Kip Doyle
Jump-starting a battery, which used to be fairly common do-it-yourself auto knowledge, has become increasingly hazardous. A major reason for the additional risk is the computer modules stationed throughout modern cars that perform thousands of monitoring tasks.

Haunted: Spine-Tingling Road Trip Destinations

Kip Doyle

Looking for a thrilling getaway this fall?

A Millennial Went on a Group Tour...

Marissa D'Arpino

I am your typical millennial - between the ages of 24-35 and, according to recent studies, the generation who takes the most trips during a given calendar year.