Young Graduates: Put Them on the Road to Success

Young Graduates: Put Them on the Road to Success

AAA membership will give you and your graduate peace of mind.
Here’s Why a AAA Membership Makes the Perfect Graduation Gift
Laura Wahler

It's practical, it's affordable, and it will offer you peace of mind knowing that your graduate can rely on AAA wherever they go. Here are some of the top reasons that a AAA membership makes a great gift for graduates preparing to take the next step in life.


AAA covers them in any car.

If something happens when your kid is riding in a friend’s car, they can still call AAA for help. Flat tire, dead battery, whatever: What’s important is that your son or daughter is always covered.


AAA even covers them on a bicycle.

Flat tire on their bike? No problem. We’ll send a truck to go pick them up, and give them (and their bike) a ride back to wherever they need to be.


AAA will go help them at 1 a.m. so you don’t have to.

After graduation, their hours of operation may be – ahem – slightly different than yours. AAA’s roadside assistance services are available 24/7.


They can use their AAA card to save money.

Sure – they’re probably waiting for you to buy their groceries for them, but tell them they can use their AAA card to save on groceries and gasoline every day.


AAA covers them everywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

If they’re going across the country on a scholarship, or across the border for a weekend in Toronto, they’re covered with their AAA membership.

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