Why Take Driver Ed

Why Take Driver Ed

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Laura Wahler

Your parents might be good drivers, but they might not have the time, knowledge, or patience to be the best ones to teach you. Even though Driver Education is not mandatory in New York, Driver Training courses offered by AAA Western and Central New York are often more comprehensive and efficient than learning on your own or from a family member.

AAA driving instructors do their research—they know exactly what New York expects of you when it comes time to take your road test. That means they know the best ways to prepare you, including teaching you everything from the basics of traffic laws (including any new laws) and traffic signs to fundamental safety tips that, even if they're not on the exam, will certainly make you a better driver. 

In addition to modeling courteous driving and providing experienced instruction, AAA driving instructors reinforce the best practices - such as distraction-free driving tips - to keep all of us alert and safe on the roads.

Driving instruction courses will provide additional information specific to your area, such as tips on freeway driving, navigating traffic and maneuvers such as parallel parking and three-point turns. 

AAA Driver Training partners with local schools to offer formal, New York State recognized Driver Ed programs and also offers a private program. For more information, go to AAA.com/DriverPrograms. 

Ultimately, the most sure-fire way to get proper training is to go to the professionals. A driver education course will provide valuable road skills and knowledge of the law, laying the groundwork for successful graduation from your driver's permit to your driver’s license.

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