Resolution: Safer Roads

Resolution: Safer Roads

Happy New Year!
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Lindsay Kensy

The New Year has begun, and with it comes a chance to make resolutions to change habits and better lives. Distracted driving contributes to 16 percent of all fatal crashes, leading to approximately 5,000 deaths every year. This year, pledge to make the roads safer for yourself, your passengers and every driver that shares the road with you.

Did you know that looking away for just two seconds doubles your risk of a crash? That quick glance down at your phone or at the infotainment system in your dashboard could be the difference between making it to your destination safely or causing a crash.

Take advantage of notification-blocking technology! Your iPhone now has a feature that turns on “Do Not Disturb” when it senses you’re driving. You won’t get any notifications until you arrive at your destination, taking the distraction away completely. AT&T also has an app that Android users can install called DriveMode, which also holds all notifications while driving.

A good reminder is that hands-free doesn’t mean brain-free! If you talk on the phone through your Bluetooth while driving, you may think you’re being safer than those holding the phone up to their ear. But the truth is that if you’re engaged in a conversation, your attention isn’t fully focused on driving. And after you hang up? It takes 27 seconds to become fully engaged in driving again.

While working on distraction-free driving, also make a note to remember the Slow Down, Move Over law. The law applies to any stopped law enforcement, emergency response, tow truck, maintenance or sanitation vehicle with its lights flashing. Best case scenario, you’re able to move into another lane while slowing down. If you are unable to move over, you must slow down to protect those on the side of the road. Think of how terrifying it would be to be outside of your car with cars going 70 mph whizzing past you. That is what law enforcement, tow truck drivers and others have to deal with every day. Help them get home safe.

We can all do a little better to make the roads a safer place this year.