Did you know AAA can insure that? 

Did you know AAA can insure that? 

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Alec Harvey

It probably will surprise no one that AAA Western and Central New York offers auto insurance. 

What might surprise some people, though, is the array of other types of insurance that AAA offers. From your home to your snowmobile to yes, your car, AAA is truly a full-service insurance agency. Most people find us for their most prevalent needs, which are your home and your car, says David Hodge, vice president of insurance for AAA Western and Central New York. But when you think of all of the items you own, there's so much more you may have in your life that requires insurance. AAA offers free insurance reviews for members and non-members to determine coverage that is best for them.



Here's a look at the types of insurance AAA offers:

Don't forget your trucks and any other vehicles you may own, Hodge says: "And besides personal fleets, we insure commercial lines for people with small businesses. Bottom line? If you've got something with wheels you need covered, chances are that AAA can do that for your home."

If you own a home, you know you need to insure it. But there are other things that AAA can do under the umbrella of homeowner's insurance, Hodge says. Sometimes, people are landlords or own buildings or land where other people live, and they want some way to insure those properties, he says. We can do those. And if you don't own your home? Renters insurance is a very affordable and popular product we offer, he says. For a small monthly premium, you can insure everything in your apartment.

Umbrella insurance is a product that can add coverage to both your auto and home insurance (it puts them under the one umbrella, which is how it got its name). If you insure your home and car with us, you can get an umbrella, and for a small fee you can buy insurance above and beyond what you already have, Hodge says. An umbrella policy also gives the holder coverage for libel, slander and other things not covered under other policies.

Hodge calls life insurance one of the 'best offerings' AAA has. AAA is an independent provider, meaning they can work with a number of carriers to determine which product is the best for each customer. We'll talk to each individual, and we'll do our best to match them with what's right for them, he says. This includes both whole life and term life products.

Pet insurance is just like health insurance for humans, but it's for your pet, Hodge says. Our pets, for a lot of us, become like members of the family, and we know what kind of costs go along with that. We partner with companies and find a terrific policy to help mitigate costs involved with owning a cat, dog, you name it.

Motorcycles/RVs & More 
Often, Hodge says, this is for what we call our toys. That includes not only motorcycles and RVs, but snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and more. A lot of passionate roadsters have those covered with us, he says. New York state has some of the most frequently used and longest-owned snowmobiles in the country. We offer fantastic rates to make sure you're protected.

Lastly, Hodge says, don't forget about AAA if you're a small-business owner. A lot of our members own restaurants, or sell real estate or are small-business retailers, he says. We have fantastic options for that, as well. If you insure anything else with us, also know we offer ever-growing commercial coverage. Just ask us about it.