Buying a New Car? Don't Forget These Insurance Steps

Buying a New Car? Don't Forget These Insurance Steps

Make car buying stress free by following these tips.
Make Your Next Vehicle Purchase a Breeze!
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Buying a new car is exciting. What feels better than the confidence of driving a great looking new ride loaded with the latest features?

Just don't start your joyride yet! Before you close the deal at the dealership, you're going to want to make sure your new car is properly insured.


Already have an auto insurance policy? Temporarily extend it to your new vehicle

Most insurance companies will extend your current car insurance policy to your new car on a short term basis. If you have multiple cars on your current policy, the policy for the new car will match the highest level of coverage you currently own.

It's important to note that this temporary coverage usually only lasts 4 days. Speak to your insurance agent about any specific requirements or deadlines.


Review current policy and compare insurance quotes

If you answered yes to the question above, you might consider adding your vehicle to your current policy. But now is also the perfect time to compare quotes and coverage from competing insurers.

Even if you haven't previously had car insurance or if you plan to change providers, our agents are experts at this part of the process. They can help match you with the insurer and plan that works best for you.


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Give your insurer details on your new vehicle

Many insurance companies require photos of the new car. The insurance provider will usually share details on how they want the photos taken and where they want them sent to.

Other documents that might be part of getting an insurance policy for a new car include:

  • Vehicle information: Make, model, VIN number and other identifying information.
  • Declaration page from current insurance: This proves that you have insurance.
  • Driver's license: The insurance company can verify that your license is valid and observe violations.
  • Social security number: Your social security number and the numbers of anyone who will be covered by the policy.
  • Banking information: Often part of the credit check process.
  • Verification paperwork for insurance discounts. AAA's Defensive Driving course is a great way to lower portions of your auto insurance!


Consider gap insurance 

So you got yourself a new car. Great news! Here's the bad news: Your new ride is bound to significantly depreciate in value as soon as you drive out of the lot. Don't worry, gap insurance is here to cover the "gap" between what you owe and the car's present value if an accident happens.

For example, you might use a $20,000 auto loan to buy a new car. You drive the car for a few months, paying back $2,000 on what you owe (which is now $18,000). But then, you get in an wreck and the car is totaled. Collision coverage should pay off the loan up to the depreciated value of the car — let's say that's $15,000. Gap insurance is there to help pay the $3,000 difference between what you paid at the dealership and the current value of the car.


Getting a car insured can seem complicated. The good news is, AAA's insurance agents know the ins and outs of the auto insurance game. Let them walk you through the process of choosing the right policy and getting your paperwork in order!

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