7 Ways Travel Insurance Provides Value

7 Ways Travel Insurance Provides Value

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You've done your research, saved up, met with a travel consultant and are finally looking forward to your vacation. Whether it's your dream vacation, an impromptu weekend getaway or your annual trip to the usual haunts, you work hard for your money and want the best value. Here are 7 ways travel insurance helps provide value and protect your vacation investment.

  1. Handling the unexpected. One of the most often cited reasons for declining travel insurance is, “I’m not cancelling the trip, no matter what.” However a lot can happen that you can’t control: a child gets ill, an elderly parent is hospitalized, your boss requires you to stay home due to a work emergency, you get jury duty. A lot can happen pre-trip, but having cancellation protection can help if you need to reschedule your vacation.
  2. Juggling a mid-trip crisis. You’re enjoying your vacation when you get a phone call that your parent has been in a car accident and you’re needed at the hospital, or your home has been damaged by a storm. Insurance with trip interruption benefits means you can leave mid-trip, return home, and recoup must of your vacation investment.
  3. Replacing the basics. Travel insurance with baggage protection is important if you arrive at your destination and discover the airline doesn’t have your luggage. Baggage benefits can pay for you to get pajamas and toiletries and other essentials due to delayed, damaged or stolen luggage.
  4. Preserving your health. If you get sick or injured while on vacation, you could incur steep expenses if you’re forced to seek medical attention outside of your insurance network. If you’re in a foreign country you also might need assistance finding an English-speaking doctor or hospital. Travel insurance with medical benefits can help navigate and make sure you don’t need to max out a credit card or home equity line to pay for out-of-town medical costs.
  5. Getting you out. If your medical situation is deemed an emergency (such as a heart attack, stroke or brain aneurysm) and you need to get to a hospital or medical facility in a larger city or in the U.S., travel insurance can arrange a private medical evacuation to ensure you receive the proper treatment you need that could possibly save your life.
  6. Giving superior protection. While it might seem easier to buy travel insurance from the tour or cruise operator, third-party insurance usually has more benefits and fewer restrictions. You want to review the covered reasons for trip interruption or cancellation, and whether you receive cash back instead of just credits for future travel.
  7. Peace of mind. You invested a lot of money in your vacation. Maybe you’ve been saving up for a year – or for several years! No one expects to have to cancel their vacation, but many things can happen in life that can cause a hiccup to even the best-laid plans. The right travel insurance, with trip interruption protection, medevac services, baggage protection and assistance services, can help you relax and enjoy your trip with the confidence that your investment is protected.

AAA offers travel insurance for purchase -- whether you've booked your trip with us or on your own. Contact a AAA Travel Consultant to learn more or to purchase a policy today. Learn more about travel insurance options here  


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