6 Tips For Planning a School Break Vacation

6 Tips For Planning a School Break Vacation

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Do you feel paralyzed by the school calendar when it comes to planning trips? Forced to travel in the summer or on school breaks when the kids are not in school, you might face unwieldy crowds and surging prices. How do you manage to show your kids the world and get some well-deserved R&R without having to dip into the college savings and getting trampled by all the other tourists? Our 6 tips to surviving school break vacations:

  • Look at the school calendar as soon as it’s available. You probably get the calendar in that giant packet of paperwork you child brings home the first day, but check the school’s website – it might be available days, weeks or even months before the first day of school. Make note of every day off on the calendar and start thinking about the types of vacations you can take for a long weekend, week-long break, or day-trip.

  • Book your travel well in advance. Book your travel well in advance. (It’s so important that I wrote it twice.) A year in advance is not too early and will help avoid finding accommodations are sold out or airfare has tripled.

  • Prioritize for which experiences you’re willing to pay premium prices. Maybe a holiday trip to Disney is worth the extra money and crowds for your child to see the Magic Kingdom lit up with holiday lights. Or maybe it’s not as important to you and so you can do a long-weekend instead over the Columbus Day holiday. These are personal decisions you should think about so you know your own position on them.

  • Select destinations that are in shoulder season so you can save money. (“Shoulder season” means between peak and off-peak.) Consider Europe in the spring or a non-beach, non-skiing destination in the winter.

  • Conde Naste Traveler suggests flying into business-travel hubs near popular vacation destinations. Business travel hubs have a lot of flights, which means cheaper fares at times when business travelers are flying – Saturdays or Sunday mornings. For example, you might want to fly into Atlanta and then drive to Savannah or Charleston.

  • Another tip from Conde Naste Traveler is to fly on a Wednesday after school and return on a Saturday ten days later. Airfare will be scarce and expensive if you fly after school on the last Friday before break and return on the Sunday before school is back in session. If you’re willing to let your kids miss school on Thursday and Friday before break you can get cheaper airfare, and if you return on the Saturday before break ends, you have a full day to catch up on laundry and homework.

Our travel consultants have planned and booked thousands of school break vacations over the years and know the ins, outs, places to avoid, places that aren't as crowded and more. Let their experience make your vacation planning easier. Contact a travel consultant today.


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do you give discount to animal kingdom for aaa members?

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Hi there, we offer discounts on Disney 3-day (or longer) tickets, which can be used for Animal Kingdom if you choose. If you'd like to purchase them, please stop by any travel center ». If you need help putting together a Disney vacation package, we have a lot of Disney experts » who would love to help you out. 

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