4 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

4 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

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Getting married isn’t just the formally recognized union between two people, in today’s world it’s the wedding venue and how close you can match your “Pinterest” boards. Not only do you need to stay on track with your budget, you also are worried about your fiancé’s mother’s expectations while making sure the DJ doesn’t offend Grandpa on the dance floor.

Destination weddings have become the solution to all of these concerns, with 25% of all weddings are now following this trend. Millennials of course have been a contributing catalyst because they now make up ¼ of the current U.S population. As a fellow Millennial myself, I can definitely agree with why one would consider a destination wedding. Read on for the top 4 reasons you may want to reconsider your traditional hometown wedding.

  1. Stress Less
    Choosing your destination and packing for your trip is pretty much all you need to do! With the number of couples opting or destination wedding growing considerably each year, most resorts have wedding staff and coordinators who take care of all your ceremony needs and essentials. (Photographer, cake, DJ, Justice of Peace, etc.). This means you can leave all the work to the expertise of your travel agent and the special event professionals. With these complete packages offered you virtually are leaving your stress at home.
  2. Cost Effective
    With couples ditching the normality of traditional weddings, top resort locations are eager to host your venue. Upgrades and extra offers are common, with complimentary champagne, spa treatments for the “soon to be” couple and anniversary perk stays for the years to come. Not only are you able to get more bang for your buck within the resort, but think about the other cost savings with your picture perfect views. You won’t need to splurge on those extra decorations and separate bridal party photo shoots. Every moment that’s captured showcases the beautiful scenery of your location which also means less editing! Also keep in mind with destination weddings, you are not obligated to cover the costs of your guests, typically guests pay for their own expenses. Think about that extra savings for your wallet or towards your honeymoon!
  3. Quality vs. Quantity
    Choosing a destination for your wedding venue gives you the opportunity to create a more intimate wedding experience for both you and your guests. It’s a great excuse to cut your original guest list in half; therefore you won't feel obligated to invite your neighbors or your work colleagues. Another reason destination weddings have become so popular is due to the time away from the obligations and routines of home. This allows the bridal couple to spend more quality time with their guests rather than just a few hours like traditional weddings.
  4. Second Marriages
    Those saying “I do” a second time around have probably already done the traditional walk down the aisle and perhaps want a change of scenery, literally. So why not mix it up, take a break from tradition and plan things your way and on your own terms. Typically couples are older when remarrying, therefore kids are often involved. What better way to get everyone together and away from their everyday lives for a few days?

Popular wedding destinations include the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Disney and cruises, but you are really only limited by your own imagination. If you think a destination wedding might be something you're interested in, make an appointment with one of our Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Specialists and get your wedding planning started.

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