2018 Top Travel Trends

2018 Top Travel Trends

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Culinary Tours

Most people love to eat delicious food while on vacation. Whether it's something new, local, exotic or what a destination is known for, food is an important aspect of travel for many. So it's no surprise that it's being taken up a notch and becoming the central focus of vacations with culinary tours. This may include cooking classes, wine tours, restaurant crawls, farmers markets or dining with locals. There's no better, faster way to get to know a destination than eating what the locals eat!

Immersive Vacations

Immersive travel is a way of combining a passion with a destination into a rewarding vacation experience. More than ever people are trying out immersive vacations to fulfill lifelong dreams, learn new skills, or just give themselves uninterrupted time to pursue their interests and hobbies. Some examples of immersive vacations might be a week long cooking academy in Lyon, attending wine camp on Napa Valley, eco-experiences in the Mayan jungle, a Hawaiian cultural experience, marine biology vacations in Puerto Rico, working a cattle ranch in Colorado, an ancestry vacation in Ireland or attending an artist retreat in Italy. 

Train Travel

While not the fastest way to get to a destination, train travel is expected to be big in the next years as people are looking to also enjoy the experience of getting to their destination. You can take a historical route, learn about trains, or just relax and appreciate the beautiful scenery of the American West, Canadian Rockies, Alaska, or wherever else your trip takes you.


Volunteer tourism is on the rise, especially for the upcoming generations who are active in helping others and also interested in travel, making for a perfect vacation. A volunteer trip could involve an ecotourism tour, or it could be offering hurricane support, helping build houses, assisting with medical needs and cleaning up parks. The need for volunteers is everywhere, so the destination possibilities are endless - both in the U.S. and abroad.

National Parks

The celebration of the National Park Service turning 100 in 2016 introduced scores of travelers to the U.S. national parks, and the number of visitors is predicted to increase! Aside from the most popular parks such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, there are 54 others throughout the U.S. with a variety of different landscapes to choose from, including battlefields, historic parks, historic sites, lakeshores, monuments, preserves, seashores, rivers and so much more - all worth a visit. 

AAA travel consultants are experts in all kinds of travel to destinations around the world. Whether you plan to try something new with one of these upcoming travel trends, or want to stick to your sure-thing beach vacation, cruise, theme park or European tour, our travel experts will make sure the planning is taken care of and your dream vacation is everything you imagined.

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