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Job Summary

  • Processes information received on service requests and dispatches calls using a range of communication methods.
  • Deploys service resources available to best meet member needs, and to optimize efficient use of those resources.
  • Monitors status of calls and initiates action to solve problems and to provide timely, quality service to members.
  • Assists with other related work as requested.
  • Receives road service request information from ERS Counselor function and dispatches calls to facilities using a variety of communication channels (e.g., radio, telephone, digital/computer data link, fax, pager).
  • Forwards all pertinent data to drivers (member situation, vehicle problem, location, etc.).
  • Processes all information available and determines type of service needed (e.g., service vehicle, tow, locksmith), and most appropriate facility to handle the call (based on location/primary facility, facility capabilities/equipment, and current capacity to provide timely service).
  • Prioritizes calls based on various criteria (safety, weather, traffic, etc.) and ensures police and other emergency calls are handled within established time frames.
  • Makes optimal use of available resources to ensure that calls are completed within estimated time of arrival (ETA), that resources are efficiently deployed and routed, and that correct equipment is dispatched to meet members' needs.
  • Monitors computer screens to maintain continual awareness of overall status of resource availability and current deployment, and re-allocates resources as needed to meet changing needs for service.
  • Monitors status of each call within his/her area to ensure promised ETA will be met, and forwards calls to back-up facility when ETA appears in jeopardy.
  • Personally notifies member when service will be delayed (or initiates action for another function to do so).
  • Maintains current documentation on the status of each call within his/her area, monitors call progression, and ensures documentation is complete before calls are cleared with proper codes.
  • Maintains frequent and timely communications with drivers on the status of calls that have been dispatched.
  • When necessary, performs spotting duties to determine location, and assists drivers in finding member/disabled vehicle.
  • Maintains close communications with facilities providing service, and notifies them whenever drivers cannot be contacted, or when other problems arise.
  • Responds to, and takes immediate action to resolve service problems reported by members and drivers.
  • Collects data and provides assessment to others in Call Center on facility/driver cooperation and performance.
  • When in direct contact with members, provides advice and counsel regarding problem resolution (e.g., safety, towing/extraction alternatives, obtaining repair service), and explains benefits covered and additional charges which may apply.
  • As appropriate, recommends AAA/CAA products and services (e.g., PLUS membership).
  • Receives calls from members, states company name and own name, and offers service.
  • Establishes a "person-to-person connection" with members.

  • High school education or GED required.
  • Over one year experience required in ERs or previous dispatching work.
  • Ability to read and provide directions utilizing electronic and traditional maps.
  • General knowledge of streets, highways and local landmarks.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  • Proven accurate spelling and keyboarding skills.
Full Time

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