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Is your car battery over 4 years old? Your AAA Membership includes battery testing right in your own driveway to help you avoid a dead battery.

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AAA has always helped you on the side of the road—and now we can help you avoid that inconvenience with the Annual Maintenance Plan.

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Defensive Driving

Reduce your accident risk plus save up to 10% on portions of your auto insurance with AAA's Defensive Driving course, online or in a classroom.

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Member Connection Blog

  • Mar


    When a warning light illuminates on a car’s dashboard, it is alerting you to a situation that requires your attention. And, while not all warning lights are a sign that disaster is imminent, no warning indicator should ever be ignored. That’s the word from the experts at AAA, who encourage motorists to read their owner’s manual and know what each of the warning lights in their vehicle means.

SAVE ON Repairs & Maintenance at AAA Car Care Plus.

  • Honest Advice - Expert professionals will help you make informed maintenance and repair decisions
  • AAA Guarantee - Repairs are guaranteed up to two years or 24,000 miles
  • Certified Technicians - ASE certification represents a commitment to ethical practices, professionalism, continuing education, and proper work experience

My Car Care Plus service advisor made my experience great. I was able to trust the information I was given and knew my car was in great hands.

Don Gervasi